Abound cat food
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Abound cat food

The biggest worry cat parents have is what to feed their beloved fur bundles. They want to give the best of the best, yet are left bewildered with the number of commercial cat food products available in the market.

Abound cat food is one such product and this article will find out all about their products and how much of it is suitable for your feline friend. After all, the food that a cat eats is highly important in maintaining their overall health.

The pros and cons as well as ingredients of these products will also be analyzed and also how cat owners as well as their pets react to these products will also be discussed.


  1. What is abound cat food?
  2. Where is it made?
  3. What should cats eat?
  4. What’s in this cat food?
  5. Why should you buy abound cat food?
  6. Pros and cons of this cat food
  7. Abound cat food recall
  8. Reviews of the products
  9. When can I give these cat food?
  10. What do people say about this cat food?
  11. Conclusion

What is abound cat food ?

Abound cats food

In 2014, the second largest retailer after Walmart in the United States, Kroger Brand, launched the Abound brand as its newest store brand pet food. It is said that Kroger spent almost 2 years of research to perfect the recipes for abound.

This brand offers both wet and dry cat food, cat treats as well as dog food. They are all natural without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The recipes are also free from wheat, corn and soy fillers.

This company emphasizes on high quality pet food and they are manufactured without any shortcuts or compromises. Hence the first ingredient is always meat and no animal by-product meal is included.

The intention of this company is not only to produce pet food to satisfy their hunger, but also to contribute positively to a cat’s overall health. Thus the finest ingredients specially blended to give the cats the essential minerals and vitamins required by their body, is used.

Where is it made ?

It is not 100% sure as to where these products are manufactured, but if all products are manufactured in one place, then it must be Sunshine Mills. This is the place that produces the brand’s dog food.

This is a company based in the United States and has multiple manufacturing plants in the country. Sunshine mills makes food for Triumph, Evolve, Hi-Tor, Sportsman’s pride and other brands. Kroger has offices in Cincinnati, a city in the United States.

The majority of ingredients used are from the USA, but some may come from other countries. The ingredient origin information is not disclosed, which can raise questions about their quality.

What should cats eat ?

Cats should consume a diet made of mainly animal protein, which comes mainly from meat. Moderate fats and low carbohydrates should also be included in their diet.

They cannot digest high amounts of plant matter due to the lack of enzymes to carry out the digestion. Sugary and fatty stuff should be avoided most of the time, since these lead to so many conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart conditions etc.

Most nutrient requirements of cats can be obtained from their diet if it is well balanced and healthy. So, a high quality cat food should be selected in order to keep your cat healthy.

What’s in this cat food ?

  • The ingredients used as a whole when considering all the products include rice flour, chicken meal, pork fat, barley flour, natural flavor, salmon, turkey, brown rice, barley, chicken, peas, beef, sweet potatoes, oat meal, carrots, cranberries, salt and water.
  • These cat foods also contain minerals and vitamins such as potassium chloride, copper sulfate, zinc oxide, manganese oxide, phosphoric acid, chlorine chloride, magnesium oxide, ferrous sulfate, sodium selenite, iron, folic acid, biotin, niacin, vitamins A, E, B-12 and D3.
  • Some cat foods contain about 15% crude fat, while others contain 30 %.

Why should you buy abound cat food ?

  • There are several things to consider when buying a good cat food. If abound cat food satisfies these conditions, then it can be assumed to be a good cat food to feed your pet cats.
  • Here are some reasons which I think makes Abound cat food ideal for cats as a nutritious cat food.
  1. Natural ingredients
  • Cats should not consume any artificial stuff, be it colors, flavors, additives etc.
  • These can cause so many complications in cats, even leading to fatal diseases.
  • Abound claims to use all natural ingredients in their products.
  • If so, it is an appropriate food for your cat.

2. Contains meat

  • Cats need meat protein in their diet as they are carnivores.
  • The primary ingredient used in the cat food being discussed is meat.
  • It can be served in moderation to prevent kidney disease.

3. Additional nutrients

  • Vegetables and fruits are added to this brand of cat food.
  • This helps provide essential vitamins and minerals that help protect cats from diseases.

4. Allergy free

  • The ingredients in this cat food are free from additives and fillers in order to not trigger the sensitivities of cats that can cause allergies.

5. Convenience

  • The wet food of this brand is offered in re-sealable bags that are flexible.
  • This makes it easy to open and offer the food to your cat, unlike cans which can be difficult to open.
  • The feature also makes it easy to carry it along.

6. Cost effective

  • Compared with other cat food brands, this brand provides quality food at a lower price, making it economical.

Pros and cons of this cat food

  • As in any food, there are pros as well as cons in this brand of cat food too.
  • Here are some of them.


  • Moisture levels in food is necessary for a cat’s well-being.
  • This helps to reduce the risk of kidney and digestive tract diseases.
  • Some Abound meals for cats contain the necessary moisture levels.
  • They are also produced without any fillers, carrageenan and thickeners.
  • The phosphorous levels of this food brand is also quite low, minimizing the risk of kidney diseases in cats.
  • These foods are available in pet stores, Kroger stores and also on the website of Kroger and Amazon, making them easily accessible.
  • Cats like the flavor of both dry and wet food.


  • Wet cat food of abound brand has a short shelf life and is also too light.
  • This makes it not filling or satisfying enough for cats.
  • The dry cat food is high in carbohydrates, which can lead to obesity and heart diseases in cats.
  • Lack of flavors to choose from.
  • No particular foods for senior and sterile cats.
  • Since all types of food are versatile, no species appropriateness.

Abound cat food recall

Abound cat foods
  • In December 2018, abound was recalled due to elevated levels of vitamin D.
  • It was one incident in a series of recalls, several of which were connected to Sunshine Mills that manufactures Abound cat food.

Reviews of the products

  • There are several types of cat foods available. Reviews of most of these will be given below.
  1. Abound dry cat food Salmon and Brown rice
  • This includes brown rice, salmon, sweet potatoes, cranberries and blueberries.
  • So, it is a well-balanced diet with enough fibers to digest the nutrients.
  • Salmon provides proteins to help keep cats in shape.
  • It is suitable for cats at all life stages.
  • Pets with stomach sensitivity can also be fed with this as there are no artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • It is perfect for daily nutrition and has antioxidants that improve the immune system.
  • However, some cats may not like the salmon flavor.

2. Abound chicken and brown rice adult cat food

  • The main component is real chicken with brown rice, carrots and peas added.
  • This ensures a healthy combination of nutrients and calories.
  • It is made of 100% organic components that helps the cat’s digestive system, preventing sensitivity and allergies.
  • Suitable for cats of all life stages and is good for a complete diet.
  • However, it contains more carbohydrates than usual and brown rice is not tolerated by some cats.

3. Abound grain free chicken and chick pea dry cat food

  • Chicken is the primary ingredient with chick peas and potatoes, and also essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It is recommended for cats without stomach sensitivities.
  • As it is full of both animal and plant proteins, it can provide energy as well as natural fibers that improve digestion and the immune system.
  • It is 100% grain free.
  • However, some cats can be allergic to chickpeas and sweet potatoes.

4. Abound salmon and sweet potato stew in gravy cat food

  • Small pieces of salmon and sweet potatoes are included in this nutritious and vitamin packed meal.
  • Although it is an unusual combination, many cats seem to love it.
  • The sweet potato fiber can help prevent stomach upset by improving digestion.
  • These come in pouches that make it easy to serve.

5. Abound center filled dental cat treats.

  • Elderly cats tend to suffer from teeth and stomach ailments.
  • This dental cat treat can be a pleasure to bite and chew, especially the center tasty filling.
  • Most cats love the roasted chicken flavor.
  • This cat treat can improve dental health, preventing plaque and helping to keep teeth clean.
  • However, some cats may not like treats and it is also not a proper nutrition replacer.

6. Abound grain free shredded salmon and chicken recipe in gravy

  • This contains shredded salmon, chicken and chicken liver in fish broth.
  • It also contains dried egg white and dried egg product.
  • This product is thickened with both potato starch and guar gum, which might not be so good for cats.
  • It is rich in proteins with moderate fat and carbohydrates.

When can I give these cat food ?

  • These cat foods can be given to your cat when it is healthy and does not need a special diet.
  • If your cat is not prone to serious allergic reactions and is active without being obese, then this cat food is ideal for them.
  • Several cats who are ready to eat anything given to them can also be fed with these cat foods.

What do people say about this cat food ?

  • It seems that most people as well as their pets like this cat food according to their reviews.
  • The food is healthy and many pets eat it readily.
  • The natural ingredients and high meat content along with the affordable price is the main attraction.
  • However, the high carbohydrate content in dry food can be problematic.
  • Some online stores charge high prices, making people to think twice before buying these cat foods from such places.


The food that cats eat provides them with most of their vital nutrients. Thus they should have a healthy, well balanced diet.

Most people tend to opt for commercially available cat food due to their busy life styles. Choosing a suitable cat food brand is not an easy task.

Abound cat food is one such brand introduced by the Kroger brand. This brand offers wet food, dry food, cat treats as well as dog food.

This brand boasts of using 100% natural ingredients in their products without adding any artificial ingredients. They use real meat instead if meat by products.

They come in a limited number of flavors which cats find attractive. Wet food come in pouches that are easy and convenient. They are also readily available and are reasonably priced.

Many cats and their owners seem to prefer this cat food. Cat should eat high amounts of proteins, moderate fats and low carbohydrates. Stick to such a diet to keep your cat healthy and happy.

If you have any doubts about what to feed your cat and what brands are the best for them, you can always seek professional help. Consult your vet who will have information regarding your cat’s general health.

This will make it easy to decide on what to feed them. Hope you were well informed about this brand of cat food from this article.

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