Best flushable cat litter


Best flushable cat litter. What is cat litter ?

Cat litter is a type of special clay. Cat litter has the power to absorb cat feces and urine. Cat-parents will have a great aid when using cat litters. They are easy to maintain and dispose. Indoor cats will find it very easy to defecate. Not only that, cat-parents wouldn’t waste their time and energy cleaning every bit of cat poop in the house. Thus, cat litter is a must when it comes to a clean room with a happy cat.

Cat litter can be flushable. And there are cat litter types that are not so flushable. Yet, why is flushable cat litter special than ordinary litter? What are the benefits of flushable cat litter? What is the best flushable cat litter? Let’s find that out.


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Best cat litter

Best flushable cats litter

Cat litter is an amazing substance that helps cat-parents to keep their cat indoors. Yet, there are distinct factors to consider before buying cat litter. Choosing cat litter is important as giving your cat the right type of food. Let’s look at the some questions to ask yourself before choosing the best cat litter.

  • Clumping or non-clumping ?

There are two categories of cat litter. They are Clumping and Non-clumping.

Clumping cat litter absorbs urine and feces faster. But it gives out a bad odor. Clumping cat litter is easy to remove. You can remove a part of the cat litter and leave the remaining. The absorbed litter forms clumps. Most cats like clumping cat litter.

Non-clumping cat litter absorbs urine and feces slowly. Yet, this litter doesn’t give a bad oder. It is less unpleasant. But, you should empty the whole litter box when cleaning. You will have more trouble cleaning the litter box. Some cats will like Non-clumping cat litter.

Non-clumping cat litter is cheaper than clumping cat litter. If you are on saving mode, Non-clumping cat litter is the best cat litter you’d find.

Best cat litter depends on the necessity. Some cats will like clumping litter. Cat-parents should understand which type of cat litter your cat prefers.

  • Flushable or non-flushable ?

Cat litter may be flushable. Flushable cat litter is easy to use. As cat-parents, keeping the litter box clean is a must. Disposing cat litter in trash cans might be a problem. This cat litter may stay in the trash cans for several days. This will lead to a lingering odor in the house.

Yet, flushable cat litter is made from biodegradable materials. Once it is flushed down, they biodegrade easily. Thus, it is environmental friendly. And doesn’t leave a bad odor.

Make sure you buy litter that is easily disposable and eco friendly.

  • What is cat litter made of ?

Cat litter are of various types. Some are made from natural substances. They are biodegradable. Crystal litters are made from silica crystals. They will last longer than other litter types.

So before buying cat litter, make sure to check the ingredients. Make sure you buy cat litter free of any toxic substances. Some cat litter types have artificial fragrances. These artificial fragrances maybe harmful for your furry friend.

  • Look out for side effects

Another important fact to consider is the side effects from using the cat litter. For example clay cat litter leaves dust. This dust might be toxic for your cat if she has asthma or any respiratory disorder.

Also, cat litter may affect the health of humans in the house. So make sure what you’re buying is good for your cat and the rest of the family.

  • Smell

Make sure to buy cat litter which doesn’t give out an unbearable odor. But don’t buy cat litter which has toxic substances.

Considering above factors, you would be able to choose the cat litter which suits your cat and home. The best cat litter you’d find depends on what you look for.

On a commercial basis, here are some best cat litter types;

  • World’s best cat litter clumping formula
  • Tidy Cats Free & Clean Lightweight Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter
  • Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Attract Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter
  • Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

World’s best cat litter flushable

World’s best cat litter is a commercial brand of cat litter. This company provides litter which is flushable and eco-friendly.

This brand of cat litter is not made from clay. It is made from whole-kernel corn. This cat litter is bio-degradable. Cat litter made from clay absorbs water and forms clumps. These clumps will get stuck inside the water pumps when flushed. It is important to know that litter made from clay is hardly flushable. Thus, best flushable cat litter shouldn’t be made from clay.

What are the other materials used in making flushable cat litter? Wood, paper, corn and wheat are some of these materials. Note that they are all biodegradable and eco-friendly substances.

What are the benefits of flushing down cat litter? let’s find that out.

  • Easy to dispose
  • Prevents spreading of infectious diseases

Diseases like Toxoplasmosis may spread through cat feces when exposed to the environment. Flushing cat litter with cat feces prevents the spread of such diseases.

  • Doesn’t give out a bad odor
  • Doesn’t cause environmental pollution

Yet, there is one disadvantage when it comes to flushable cat litter. Since they are not made from clay, this cat litter will not make clumps. Thus, they will not serve as good clumping cat litter.

Flushable cat litter box

What is a cat litter box?
It is a box that collects feces and urine of an indoor cat. Litter boxes are not only for cats. Other pets like rabbits and small dogs use litter boxes. Litter boxes hold cat litter.

These type of cat litter can fit into any kind of litter box. But cat-parents should be extra careful before buying a litter box for your kitty. A litter box is an important component in a cat’s lifestyle. Choosing the right litter box for your cat is a secret for keeping an indoor cat happy.
What should you consider before purchasing a litter box for your cat?

  • Height of the litter box

Make sure your cat can stretch their paws into the litter box. If you cat is a Munchkin or any breed with shorter legs, the litter box should be shorter. Don’t make them climb into it. This will make you cat tiring.

  • Space of the litter box

Is you cat enormous? Or does it have a tiny body? A small litter box may not fight the giant body of a large cat. So make sure your furry friend can fit into the litter box in a comfortable manner.

  • Durability

Is the litter box durable? Is it eco friendly? Make sure you think about these factors before buying a cat litter box.

  • Buy one more

This might sound surprising. But there should be litter boxes for every cat in the cat family. These feline creatures are not friendly with the idea of sharing their litter boxes. And have a spare litter box. As a rule, there should be a single litter box more than the number of cats. This way, the cat family will find it easier to live indoors.
Does cat litter needs flushing everyday? In fact, yes. Here’s the things you need to do to keep the litter box clean.

  • Scoop out clumps daily
  • If the litter is flushable, flush out clumps little by little. This make sure the cat litter doesn’t get stuck in the pipes.
  • Avoid flushing clumping cat litter.
  • If the cat litter is non-clumping, clean the litter box every single day.

These cat litter boxes are different from normal litter boxes. These litter boxes are much easy to handle. They flush and self clean. It is not necessary to scoop out clumps every single day. Some of the these cat litter boxes are;

  • ScoopFree Automatic Cat Litter Box
  • CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box
  • Omega Paw Roll’N Clean Cat Litter Box
  • Modkat Litter Box, Reduces Litter Tracking, Includes Scoop and Reusable Liner
  • Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Pewter

Dr. Elsey Cat litter flushable

Dr. Elsey is a commercial brand of cat litter. They provide clumping cat litter that absorbs most cat feces and urine. Unlike other cat litter types, these make hard clumps. They are made from clay. Thus, they do not break down in toilets.

Thus, the brand advises not to flush any of their litter. Dr. Elsey’s cat litter is thus not flushable. Make sure you avoid flushing this type of cat litter.

If your cat prefers clumping cat litter, Dr. Elsey’s cat litter is the best option.

World best flushable cat litter

What is the best flushable cat litter for your cat? It is important to find out if the flushable cat litter type is actually flushable. Although some cat litter types are said to be flushable, they do not give healthy results when flushed. Thus, flushable cat litter should follow these conditions;

  • They should be made from biodegradable substances
  • These should not be made from clay
  • Also should not be clumping cat litter
  • Septic and sewer systems should approve the litter type

For a flushable cat litter to be the best flushable cat litter, they should function well as cat litter. What are the other features of the best flushable cat litter? Let’s find that out.

  • Absorption

These type of cat litter should absorb cat urine and feces. But they should not form hard clumps. The clumps will clog the toilet pipes when they are flushed.

  • Odor-free

A good cat litter should not give an awful odor. This will irritate the cats and their owners. Make sure the cat litter is scented. But be aware of toxic materials in scented litter.

  • Texture and quality

Some cat litter types are not comfortable for the cat. Make sure the cat litter type feels good for their tiny paws.

Better way flushable cat litter

Best  cat litter

‘Better way’ is a commercial brand that provides cat litter. Better Way flushable cat litter is a good product of Better Way. This product is presently called Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Cat Litter. It is important to know that the product ingredients stay the same.

What is Better Way flushable cat litter? Let’s sort out what the brand says about their litter.

  • It is clumping cat litter.
  • It is made from 100 percent Zeolite clay.
  • There is a cat attractant in the litter. This attracts the cat to the litter box. Using this technique, cat-parents can train kittens to their litter boxes.
  • The texture of the cat litter is smooth on paws.

Thus, Better Way flushable cat litter is clumping and made from clay. The package says that it is not flushable. That is indeed why they have changed the product’s name to Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Cat Litter.

Is Pretty litter flushable ?

Pretty Litter is a commercial brand that sells only one type of cat litter. Pretty litter provides cat litter made from silica; crystal litter. What is the speciality of Pretty litter when compared to other litter types ?

  • Less odor

The dry silica is super-absorbing. It can absorb more urine than normal cat litter. Thus, it traps less odor.

  • Less dust

Dust related to cat litter is a major issue with cat litter. Pretty Litter is not made from clay. Thus, dust from pretty litter is not possible. Pretty litter will keep the litter box and house dust-free.

  • Lighter than others

You won’t have trouble lifting heavy cat litter boxes. Pretty litter is 80 percent lighter than clay litter types.

Is Pretty litter flushable? Yes. But avoid flushing the whole litter box. When flushing, scoop out the waste. Pretty litter is non-clumping and free of clay. Thus, there’s no harm flushing Pretty litter.


Cat litter is an important kitty supply. The ability to flush the cat litter is an advantage for the cat-parents. Thus, buying the best flushable cat litter is an important decision to make.

There are many advantages when using flushable cat litter. They vary as health, maintenance and ease of use. Flushable cat litter is not a must for every cat litter type.

As cat-parents, always get what’s best for the furry friends. Flushable cat litter is non-clumping. But if your kitty dislikes non-clumping cat litter, don’t force them to adapt. It is not important to have the best flushable cat litter. It is important to have the happiest cat in your life.

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