Black Maine Coon


Black Maine Coon

Some people would just run away when they see a black cat! How do you feel about owning a black Maine coon ? Black cats in general have a mysterious air about them. This has given rise to so many superstitions and harassment to black cats.

The black Maine coon is also just like other Maine coons, personality wise. It’s just the color of their coat which makes them different from other Maine coons. Let’s find out more about these dark knights in fur!

Table of contents

  1. Characteristics
  2. Black Maine coon personality
  3. Genetics of black Maine coon
  4. Classification of black Maine coon
  5. Short hair Black Maine coon
  6. Kittens- Black Maine coon
  7. Black Maine coon care
  8. Lifespan
  9. Where can I get a black Maine coon?
  10. Black cat superstitions
  11. Famous black Maine coons
  12. Conclusion


The most striking feature of a black Maine coon is its solid black fur coat and also its size. Maine coons are the largest breed of domestic cats.

Both male and female black Maine coons can grow up to 40 inches in length. The weight differs in males and females. Males can weigh 6 – 11 kg, while average female Maine coon weight is about 3 – 5 kg. They have rectangular bodies with a strong build.

Pure bred Maine coons also have medium to long shaggy fur coat. They has a jet black color from root to tips. Black is one of the five solid Maine coon coat colors. Their nose leather and paws are also black. In fact, they can easily ‘vanish’ at night if not for their bright eyes !

The face of a black Maine coon can appear expressionless due to lack of markings. However, these black beauties make up for this by melting the heart of most people by their adorable gaze!

Most black Maine coons have a distinctive mane that covers the neck area. This is longer than the hair on the rest of their body. The tail is also covered with thick long fur and tapers. The ears are also tapered with black lynx tips sticking at the top.

These cats have large, wide set almond shaped eyes. The eye color can be yellow, amber, copper, orange, gold, green or green amber. A purebred adult Maine coon does not have blue eyes, though kittens can be blue eyed at birth.

Black Maine coons can also have black whiskers. Long, black vibrissae or tactile hairs can be seen above their eyes instead of eyebrows.

Black maine coon personality

Black Maine coons have a similar personality to Maine coons of other coat color. The coat color does not influence their personality. They are known as gentle giants despite their rather standoffish looks.

These cats are playful, less dependent and love to hunt. They’ll bring back trophies from their hunt to their beloved owners as gifts.

Their loyalty is also extremely high, and they adore the ones who take a lot of care of them. They are also sociable cats.

Black Maine coon sare ideal for households with cat friendly pets and also children, since they get along with this group.

Genetics of Black Maine Coons

  • A solid black Maine coon kitten is born when both its parents carry the dominant black gene.
  • The dominant black gene is represented by a ‘B’.
  • Recessive black gene is labelled as ‘b’.
  • Tabby coloring is more dominant than the black gene.
  • Therefore, breeding cats should have the recessive gene known as the non-agouti which is symbolized as ‘a’, to suppress the tabby pattern.
  • Breeding cats with BB combination will always produce black kittens.
  • Breeding cats that have Bb combination have a 1/3 likelihood of giving birth to a solid black Maine coon kitten.
  • The bb combination has the lowest chance at 1/5.

Classification of black maine coons

Black Maine Coon kitten
  • Black Maine coons can be classified into 4 classes based on the variations of the coat.
  • Let’s identify these variations.
  1. Solid color class
  • A solid black Maine coon has a coal black coat with every hair solid black from root to tip.
  • The nose and paws are also black.
  • There is no rust coloring on the tips of their fur.
  • The fur can appear glossy on some cats.

2. Bi-color class

  • These Maine coons have a combination of black and white.
  • The tuxedo Maine coon has white color in its paws, belly and bib, while other parts are black.
  • The black silver variation is rare.

3. Shaded and smoke color class

  • These cats are known as black smoke Maine coons.
  • They appear to be solid black, but if you look closer, a light undercoat can be seen.
  • The fur is white at the roots and black at the tips.
  • They look black and grey when moving.
  • Black smoke Maine coons have black nose leather and black paw pads.

4. Tabby class

  • The black tabby Maine coon or brown tabby, appear brownish in color.
  • Their markings can be:
  • Classic tabby – with butterfly markings
  • Mackerel tabby – fish bone stripes
  • Ticked tabby – multicolored hair to give flecked pattern.
  • Black silver classic tabby, black tortoise are the other variations in tabby class.

The solid black color of a black Maine coon’s coat can sometimes appear to fade. This can be due to two reasons.

a) Tyrosine deficiency

  • Tyrosine enzyme is responsible for the production of Eumelanin.
  • Eumelanin is a dark brown or black aggregate of melanin, which is the pigment that makes the cat’s fur black.
  • Thus a deficiency of tyrosine can make black fur change to a rusty brown.
  • Melanin also protects cats from sunburn.
  • A cat with this deficiency can be more likely to be sunburnt.
  • Taurine avoids this deficiency and is present in supplement cat food.
  • Take your cat to a vet for blood work to check if they have this deficiency.

b) Sun bleached

  • Some people believe that the black coat of a Maine coon can be bleached by the sun.
  • Although this has not been proved yet, better protect your cat from too much sun.

Short hair Black Maine coon

  • Maine coons are famous for their long, shaggy hair.
  • Purebred Maine coons can only have long hair.
  • If you see a short haired Maine coon, it can be a mixed breed or the cat has been trimmed and groomed professionally.
  • Trimming a Maine coon’s coat is not advised.
  • It can hamper the regulation of their body temperature.
  • They can also get hurt due to scratches and scrapes either from rough surfaces or claws of other cats.
  • During warm weather, the fur cools the cat and prevents dehydration and also sunburn.
  • They can also get shocked due to the new look!
  • Trim it only if it is matted excessively.

Kittens- Black Maine coon

  • Black Maine coon kittens can be adorable and very playful.
  • They will sometimes have blue eyes which turn yellow with age.
  • If you are buying a kitten, buy it from a reputed breeder.

Black Maine coon care

  1. Grooming
    • Grooming a Maine coon on a regular basis is essential to avoid matting of hair.
    • The long, thick fur should be groomed at least once a week.
  1. Health
    • Maine coons are supposed to be a hardy breed.
    • However, look out for conditions such as: hip dysplasia, obesity (due to overfeeding), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, spinal muscular atrophy.
    • Regular visits to a vet can help avoid these problems.
  1. Exercise
    • Indoor cats should get enough exercise.
    • Install toys such as cat trees or any other toy that gives them sufficient activity.
  1. Visibility
    • Black Maine coons might not be visible to motorists at night.
    • If your cat likes a night prowl, be sure to put a luminescent collar around its neck.


  • The average lifespan of a Maine coon is about 10 – 13 years.
  • Some have even lived up to 15 years.
  • The lifespan depends on their diet, exercise, general health and also genetics.
  • Black Maine coon will live as long as other colored Maine coons since the coloring does not determine their lifespan.

Where can I get a black maine coon ?

  • Black Maine coons can be bought from registered breeders.
  • The price can range from $ 400 – $ 1500.
  • The price depends on the age and health of the cat.
  • They can also be obtained from cat rescue centers or cat shelters.

Black cat superstitions

Black Maine Coon kittens
  • Black cats are the center of superstition in various cultures.
  • Some consider them to be a bad omen while others believe they are lucky charms!
  • Some famous superstions are:

I. It is unlucky if a black cat crosses your path.
II. Black cats are linked to witches.
III. Sailors consider black cats to be lucky.
IV. In Japan black cats are considered good luck.

Famous Black Maine coons

  • Cat therapy is given to patients with arthritis or hand injury.
  • Stroking and petting a cat is believed to be therapeutic and also a great form of exercise to injured hands.
  • Cat therapy also reduces blood pressure, stress and depression.
  • A black silver Maine coon known as ‘RW SGC Sarajen Oliver Underfoot of Maggismaines’, owned by Margaret Sutherland of Georgia, has been honored as a loving cat therapist by international cat association.


Although shrouded in mystery, Black Maine coons make great pets just like Maine coons of other colors.

These gentle giants are playful, loving, independent, affectionate, loyal, great hunters who get along with other pets and children.

Their striking black color has made them popular among cat lovers despite the myths surrounding them. If you are not afraid of superstition, go get yourself a black maine coon !

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