Blue Point Siamese


Siamese cats are found as four main types based on their coat color. Blue point Siamese are a type of Siamese cat that has a bluish cream colored body and dark grey points.

These cats are highly demanded pets the world over. The reasons are many. Here are some facts about blue point Siamese which will help you to decide whether these beautiful cats are the ones for you !

Table of contents

  1. Brief history of the blue point Siamese
  2. Blue point Siamese personality
  3. Life span and maintenance
  4. Variations of the blue point cat
    I. Blue point Burmese
    II. Blue point Himalayan
    III. Blue point Balinese
    IV. Blue point Thai cat
    V. Blue point with tabby mix
  5. Seal point Siamese
  6. Chocolate point Siamese
  7. Lilac point Siamese
  8. Difference between blue point and lilac point Siamese
  9. Conclusion

Brief history of the blue point Siamese

Blue point siamese cat

Siamese cats, as the name suggests, are from Thailand which was then known as Siam. They were pets of the royals and also temple cats.

In the past, breed associations accepted only Siamese seal point cats as the others were considered inferior.

In the year 1934, blue point Siamese was the first of the alternate colors to be officially accepted.

The blue point Siamese had a lot of cold tones in the past. The modern ones have more white fur than the cold tone shades.

The Siamese is a natural breed whose coat pattern resulted from a genetic mutation. Seal point, chocolate point, blue point and lilac point are the four different color variations.

Several breeds such as oriental, Balinese, Tonkinese and Havana brown hail from the Siamese. Blue point Siamese are less common than the seal and chocolate points.

Physical characteristics of a blue point Siamese

Blue point Siamese cats stand out among other breeds of cats and appear somewhat distinct. These cats are genetically related to the seal point but is a dilute or a lighter version of the dark seal point.

The color of the coat of these cats should be blue cold tones with a hint of grey. They have a bluish set of fur on the face, tips of ears, tail, paws, nose leather and paw pads. In some cats a bluish part can be seen under the bellies.

The blue points body starts to darken as they grow older, which is similar to the seal point.

The weight of a male blue point Siamese is around 4-6 kg, while they reach heights between 29 31 cm. A female blue point Siamese cat can weigh around 2.5 – 4.5 kg while reaching heights between 27 – 31 cm.

They have bright blue eyes which is a very attractive feature in these types of cats. These cats normally have short haired coats which appear glossy. Thus their tendency to shed is very less than most breeds.

Blue point Siamese personality

Blue point Siamese, like all other Siamese are affectionate cats. They adore their human parents and their need for human companionship is higher than other breeds.

Thus having a blue point Siamese means you’ll have to spend more time with them, cuddling them and also playing with them. They also love to be carried around. You can carry them on your shoulder or a cat bag.

Just as blue color is associated with peace and calm, the blue point Siamese is also easy going and laid back. This seems to be a unique temperament to blue point Siamese.

They are also able to adapt to new situations and are very gentle. These cats are great home lovers and just like their looks have a peaceful temperament.

Blue point Siamese cat breed is also intelligent, active and need a lot of mental stimulation. This will ensure a healthy body and mind to these cats.

These cats also love being the center of attention and also like to keep themselves entertained. They are very playful and it is advisable to get another cat if you can’t always be around them, since they don’t like to be left alone for a long time.

These cats are also rather vocal and love to make conversation with their human owners. They need to interact with other cat friendly pets and family on a daily basis.

Lifespan and maintenance

  • Blue point Siamese live for about 8 – 15 years on average.
  • However, some even live up to 20 years.
  • This depends on their health and also care and grooming given to them.
  • Siamese cats are prone to certain health issues such as chronic renal failure, glaucoma, crossed eyes, difficulty in breathing and bladder stones.
  • Timely visits to the vet can identify these diseases and proper treatment can lengthen their lifespan.
  • Staying with other pets and having company can prolong their life too, since they crave attention.
  • Sterilizing a cat can also increase their lifespan to another 2 – 4 years.
  • These cats need to be groomed at least once a week.
  • Brush their coat with a soft brush gradually.

Variations of the blue point cat

Blue point siameses
  • Siamese cats have also bred with other types of cats throughout time.
  • Thus interesting mutations have come to be.
  • A mixed cat breed arises when two cats of different breeds come together.
  • This is what happened to the blue Siamese mixed breed.
  • Given below are some breeds that are close to the pure breed.

Blue point Burmese

  • Siamese cats are the ancestors of Burmese cats.
  • Burmese cats have large, expressive eyes that look innocent.
  • These cats attract people due to their irresistible appeal.
  • They also have a personality similar to Siamese cats, being affectionate, towards people they love and also a warm and welcoming personality.

Blue point Himalayan

  • Cross breeding Siamese cats with Persian cats has given rise to Himalayan cats.
  • Blue point Himalayan cats have blue eyes similar to Siamese cats.
  • However, they have distinct long hair which they seem to have inherited from Persian cats.

Blue point Balinese

  • A blue point Siamese breeding with a Balinese cat breed gave rise to the blue point Balinese.
  • This breed appears darker in color, somewhat like the seal point Siamese cats.

Blue point Thai cat or Korat

  • They are the genetically color diluted version of the seal point Thai cat.
  • These cats have a color combination that appears silvery-white and have a glimmer of blue on their coat.
  • These cats that originated in Thailand have a unique genetic legacy which states that Thai cat has a gene that adds the blue color to the blue point Siamese.

Blue point with tabby mix

  • Blue point Siamese cat mixed with tabby have cream or light grey or bluish fur.
  • This is ornamental with stripes which appear dark in color or blue grey.
  • The mixed tabby Siamese is similar to other tabby cats.
  • They have a stripy pattern for coat.

Seal point Siamese

  • This category of Siamese cats is supposed to have the darkest body color.
  • Genetically the seal Siamese is a black cat, but due to certain genes the color is shown only on the points.
  • These cats have pale colored fur, except on their face, ears, paws and tail, which appear dark brown in color.
  • These areas have a lower temperature than the rest of the body and so their original color is revealed.
  • The fur color can range from fawn to cream with shadings of darker colors.
  • The colors on the belly and chest remain lighter while the back tends to darken with age.
  • These cats are intelligent, playful, affectionate, demanding attention, love company, sociable, vocal and also loyal.
  • They make ideal pets to people who can spend more time with them.
  • These cats live to be around 8 – 15 years average and can even live longer with proper care.
  • They are short haired cats that shed less and have to be groomed once a week.

Chocolate point Siamese

  • Chocolate point Siamese have brown markings on the face, paws, ears and tail. Just like seal point Siamese.
  • However, their shade is lighter, pink-toned brown which resembles milk chocolate. Their noses and paw pads also have pink undertones.
  • The fur is ivory white which remains so throughout their life unlike seal point Siamese.
  • These cats are have been known since 1880 and officially recognized in 1950.
  • They are rarer than seal points.
  • These are also adorable, vocal, fun loving, affectionate cats who make great pets to people who can keep their company.

Lilac point Siamese

  • These cats have the lightest shade of the four types of Siamese cats.
  • Lilac point Siamese have a pale cream to white color. Their coats can stay light throughout their life, with very little shading for the first few years.
  • Their face, paws, ears and tail have a light pinkish- gray or brown color. The nose and paw pads are lavender pink.
  • The color of the lilac point Siamese coat indicates that it is linked to the blue point in reality.
  • They are rare than chocolate and sealpoints.
  • These cats are beautiful, demanding, melodramatic, vociferous, attention seeking, energetic, friendly and dedicated cats.

Difference between blue point and lilac point Siamese

  • The blue point and lilac point Siamese appear quite similar.
  • They both have a blue grey coat.
  • The difference is the type of color that accents their coat.
  • Blue points have a slate grey shade while lilac points have more silver on their grey coat.
  • Blue point Siamese also tend to darken with age while lilac point Siamese remain white throughout their life.

Silver point Siamese

Blue point siamese cats
  • This cat breed wasn’t widely known till 1960.
  • Although only four cat types of Siamese are recognized in the US, UK recognizes more types.
  • This is one such type.
  • They have a silvery appearance in their fur coat and points.


Blue point is a type of Siamese cat which has a bluish cream colored fur coat with rather dark points. This is one of the fur types of Siamese cats based on fur color.

These cats make great pets, being loyal, affectionate, attention seeking, lovable, intelligent and gentle with a calm temperament which matches their looks.

Blue point Siamese are rather rare when compared with chocolate and seal points. These cats are closer to the lilac point Siamese.

If you are ready to be with them most of the time,they make ideal pets, being vociferous and all!

Click here if you are interested in Lilac point Siamese.

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