Cat food high in fiber


Cat food high in fiber. Cats are born carnivorous animals. Thus, meat is an essential part of their diet. Meat in a meal provides cats with protein. They need protein for vision, strong heart and healthy reproduction.

An average adult cat needs about 240 calories a day. This energy consumption is needed for their daily activities. Domestic cats have become omnivorous creatures. That is they consume animal based products and plant based products.

What is cat food high in fiber? Fiber includes a carbohydrate that comes from plant matter. Fiber sources include cellulose, beet pulp, gums and pectins. Fiber is not digested in a cat’s digestive system. But cat food high in fiber is compulsory if your cat has issues in food digestion.

Why is cat food high in fiber important? Fiber is an essential part of a cat’s meal. Fiber helps the digestive process in a cat’s digestive system. Cat food high in fiber helps in increasing the stool quality of cats. Not only that, fiber gives bulk to move food through the digestive system. Thus, it helps the correct functioning of the digestive process in a cat.

Cat food high in fiber is best for cats with diarrhea, constipation, diabetes and obesity. Let’s find out how cat food high in fiber helps the health of a cat.


  1. High fiber cat food
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  3. High fiber cat food for weight loss
  4. High fiber wet cat food for diarrhea
  5. Best high fiber wet cat food for constipation
  6. High fiber kitten food
  7. Homemade high fiber food
  8. High fiber cat food Royal Canin
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High fiber cat food

Cat foods high in fiber

Foods high in fiber is not a must for every domestic cat. Cats in the wild didn’t eat any plant matter. Thus, domestic cats do not need fiber in their meals. Yet, domestic cats are very different from those in the wild. And their modes of nutrition is different too. But domestic cats with special needs must consume fiber.

There is a microbiome inside a cat’s digestive system. A microbiome is a group of micro organisms. It includes bacteria, protozoa and fungi. The microbiome helps in breaking down of indigestible matter. Fiber present in food is an indigestible matter. This breaking down of fiber will produce vitamins that are beneficial for a cat’s health. Thus, food high in fiber will help in producing beneficial vitamins in a cat’s body.

There are two types of fiber in cat food. They are

  • Insoluble fiber

Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water.

  • Soluble fiber

Soluble fiber dissolves in water.

Both soluble and insoluble fiber helps in the digestive function of cats.

An indoor cat tend to groom more than an outdoor cat. Thus, when grooming their fur, hairballs get into their mouths. These hairballs get stuck in their digestive system. Hairballs are a main reason for the improper functioning of the digestive system of a cat. Also, hairballs that get stuck inside the digestive tract might be fatal.

Thus, these types of food allows the passage for the hairball in the digestive system. These types of food reduces the risk of your cat getting sick with a bad stomach. It also makes sure your cat doesn’t end up vomiting these hairballs.

High fiber cat food for diarrhea

Don’t be surprised if your furry friend gets diarrhea. Diarrhea is much common in cats; even indoor cats. Cats will get diarrhea once in a while. Main causes for diarrhea in cats are;

  • Allergies for certain food
  • Change of diets
  • Infectious agents like bacteria and fungi

If diarrhea prolongs, it might be due to serious digestive disorders. These disorders include Inflammatory bowel disease, colitis and even cancer.

But diarrhea that lasts 24 to 48 hours is not a serious issue. When your felines are suffering from diarrhea, be sure to keep them hydrated.

Cat food high in fiber is best for cats with diarrhea. Make sure you add some fiber rich food to your cat’s balanced meal. Try feeding in small amounts.

These food will increase the bulk of stool. Soluble fiber in cat food can absorb more water and help reduce diarrhea. The high fiber amount in their food will ensure water is absorbed into the body. This will ease your feline friend’s digestive process.

High fiber cat food for weight loss

Obesity is a common disorder among most domestic cats. Cats are born lazy and they sleep throughout the day. Cat-parents are always feeding them. This will make them gain weight over time. Thus, they will be obese.

Feline obesity is when cats weigh 20 percent more than their normal weight. Normal weight differs due to breed, age and gender of the cat.

These food can help a cat lose weight. Fiber in food will increase the bulk of the food. Thus, a cat will feel that it has consumed a lot of food. This will reduce the actual amount of food it takes. Even without exercise, you cat will lose her weight over time. A balanced meal with the right amount of protein and high fiber will ensure your cat’s health.

High fiber wet cat food for diarrhea

There are two types of cat food. They are dry cat food and wet cat food. Wet cat food contain more moisture than dry cat food. Wet cat food is expensive than dry cat food. But vets approve wet cat food for cats with certain disorders. Digestive disorders include disorders related to kidney and digestive disorders.

Wet cat food high in fiber is ideal for cats with digestive disorders. If your cat does not drink enough water, wet cat foods are the best option. The retained moisture in wet cat food provides the water needed for the cat.

High fiber wet cat food will help the digestive process of a cat’s digestive system. Fiber will lower the risk of getting constipation, diarrhea and urinary tract disease.

Wet cat food high in fiber will reduce diarrhea in cats. Fiber will keep more water in their food. Also, wet cat food have more water content than dry foods. So, fiber and wet cat food together will prevent your cat getting diarrhea.

These type of cat food will make sure the cat’s body absorbs enough water to stay hydrated.

Best high fiber wet cat food for constipation

If your feline is suffering from constipation, they will have;

  • hard and dry stools
  • low appetite
  • discomfort during defecation

Constipation will affect the physical and mental health of your cat. They will cry out during defecation. They won’t eat anything for hours. They might be exhausted.

Dry cat food doesn’t make constipation better. In fact, it will cause harder and drier stools. Thus making constipation worse.

Wet cat food is best for cats with constipation. Wet cat food have more moisture than dry cat food. Thus, the stools of your cat will not be hard and dry. This will ease the removal of stool. Also, wet cat food can reduce constipation.

Fiber helps in constipation as well. Insoluble fiber in cat food increases the bulk of matter in digestive system. This will help in the smooth flow of the digested food through the cat’s intestines. It will also cleanse a cat’s bowels. Thus, wet cat food high in fiber reduces constipation.

Some of the best high fiber wet cat food for constipation are;

  • Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Variety Pack
  • Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food

High fiber kitten food

A kitten’s growth rate is higher than that of an adult cat. Thus, kittens need more nutrition for their rapid growth. In fact, a kitten will need thrice the energy of an adult cat.

Most kittens need 3 to 4 meals per day. The fat intake of a kitten and a cat is the same. But a kitten will need for protein than an adult cat.

Kittens have little teeth. So they have trouble chewing dry foods. Wet foods are better when it comes to feeding kittens.

Fiber is important for a kitten. Kittens will need a proper digestion for the meals they take. So it ensures good health.

Other than canned food, kittens will love ‘cat grass’. Giving your kitten ‘cat grass’ will be fun and nutritious. Cat grass is high in fiber. Also, your kitten will love uprooting them. Shop grocery stores for cat grass and enjoy feeding them.

Also, add some vegetables to their diet. Broccoli and lettuce are good for your kitten in the first years. They provide fiber, vitamins and minerals that are essential for their growth.

Giving fiber to your kitten from her first years will make her adapt to the food. As she ages, she will have a lower risk of developing digestive disorders.

Homemade high fiber food

A cat’s meal should consist of;

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamines
  • Minerals
  • Water
  • Fiber

Cat-parents should make sure these nutrients are present in their homemade cat food.

When making homemade cat food, there are several factors that should be considered.

  • Make sure it’s cooked

Giving raw food including raw meat is not healthy for your felines. Raw meat will have bacteria that will cause food poisoning in cats. Also, an enzyme present in raw fish destroys a Vitamin B type needed for a cat’s body. A cooked meal will destroy food poisoning bacteria. Raw food will make your cat sick.

  • Don’t make it all meat

It is true that cats are carnivorous. But, your furry friend needs other nutrients as well. Make sure you add vegetables for their meals too. Rice, oatmeal, barley and corn are also good for your cat. They supply the necessary amount of carbohydrates a cat needs.

  • Make sure to avoid seasonings

Some homemade cat food will have seasonings. They might be harmful for cats. These harmful seasoning include salts, garlic and onion.

  • Make sure to control the ingredients

It is important to adjust your cat’s meal according to their health. Make sure you control the ingredients in their meals. For example, if your cat has some digestive issues, make sure you feed them food that their body needs.

Cat-parents can make cat food high in fiber at home. Here are some homemade cat foods high in fiber.

  • Cooked sweet potatoes without skin
  • Cat grass
  • Salads like lettuce and broccoli

High fiber cat food Royal Canin

Cats food high in fiber

Royal Canin is a commercial brand of cat and dog foods. The founder of the brand is a veterinarian. Royal Canin offers high quality cat food to ensure your feline friend’s health. Unlike other commercial brands, vets recommend Royal Canin for pets. Royal Canin meals have all essential nutrients in correct amount.

Vets recommend Royal Canin for cats with special needs. For example if your cat has trouble digesting their food, the vet would recommend Royal Canin. But since Royal Canin is expensive, it is not a must for every cat. Much cheaper brands and homemade food can give a balanced meal for your cat.

Yet, Royal Canin produces cat food high in fiber. Examples are Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Dry Cat Food. Cats with long or short term digestive sensitivities will benefit from this food.

But there are other cat food high in fiber which you can find at the grocery store. Or your vet would recommend other cat food high in fiber. So, whatever the brand might be, fiber in cat food is good for your felines.


Like humans, felines tend to be very sensitive to the food they eat. Their digestive systems are adapted to meat. Yet, cat food high in fiber helps the digestive function in cats. High fiber in food helps in reducing gastrointestinal disorders.

Is cat food high in fiber needed for every cat? The answer is no. Every cat is different. So are their digestive system. Some cats might be allergic to some foods while others are not. Yet, fiber is beneficial to all cats despite of their digestive systems.

Your furry friend might be a picky eater. Some felines dislike vegetables in their meals. But make sure you give them fiber from their first years. Adding fiber to your cats meal will improve the process of digestion. Also, it will lower the risk of getting any gastrointestinal disorder in the future.

Cat-parents should know the importance of cat food. If necessary, ask a vet for advice. But make sure you give your felines a delicious meal. After all, nutrition and taste are equally important.

Make sure the food please your furry friend’s appetite and taste buds.

Salmon is very healthy for humans. What about cats. Let’s find out more. Click here.

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