Cat loaf


Cat loaf

Cat loaf ? What’s that? Don’t worry! It is not a food. It is actually the position that a cat sits, with their paws and tail tucked beneath them. Since this position resembles a loaf of bread to on looking humans, it is called a cat loaf . Interesting right?

This is also known by some other names such as hovercraft, tug boating, meat bread, tribble tuck, hairball, kitty cumulus, retreat-o-paws, potato cat, cube cat etc. Let’s take a detailed look at cat loaf .

Table of content

  1. Why do cats loaf ?
  2. Types of cat loaf
  3. Cat loaf web toon
  4. Cat loaf meme
  5. Cat loaf drawing
  6. Cat loaf position sick
  7. Cat loaf from underneath
  8. Fat cat loaf
  9. Final Thoughts

Why do cats loaf ?

Cats loaf for certain reasons. Several ideas have been put forward by scientists and vets. Here are some of them.


The main reason for a cat to loaf is thermoregulation. The normal body temperature for a cat is around 100.5 -102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. So cats can feel cold in a room that is of normal temperature to humans.

85 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit is known as thermo-neutral zone. They don’t have to spend any energy heating or cooling their body.

Therefore, they tuck their paws under their bodies to conserve body heat. This is similar to when humans put their hands in their pockets or under covers to during cold weather.

Comfort and happiness

Cat loaf also means the cat is relaxing. They normally loaf in their favorite spot which means they are comfortable. They can be enjoying a nap while day dreaming! Cats loaf when they feel happy.


The cat cannot run or defend itself with its paws tucked underneath and is not planning to do so either. If a cat does this around a human, it means the cat trusts them and feel comfortable around them.

The lowering of their defenses means they feel safe. Their claws cannot come out and attack anything since they are underneath the cat.


Cats also wrap their tails around their front feet to keep their toes warm. It can also be a ‘do not disturb’ sign, where they don’t want any attention. They can also do this when they are stressed, using the tail as a physical barrier between its body and whatever that is causing it stress.


Cats tend to hide injuries and pain rather well. This is something they have inherited from their ancestors. Constant vigilance is necessary to identify a cat injury. Changes in their behavior can be a sign of an injury.

If your cat is not tucking its paws fully, it might be injured and experiencing some pain. Better check it and consult a vet if something is wrong.


If your cat has conditions such as chronic kidney disorder (CKD), it might loaf in a different sort of position. The cat lies on its belly with head outstretched and pointed down, to avoidputting pressure on internal organs.

CKD causes a cat to move gingerly due to internal pain. If your cat has increased urination and drinking, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, lip licking and teeth grinding, in addition to loafing, it could be chronic kidney disease.

  • Sometimes cats can also loaf for no obvious reason. Just like humans doing whatever they like when they feel like doing it, cats too can loaf when they feel like loafing!
  • I think you have some idea as to why cats loaf.
  • Remember, there can be other reasons that we are unaware of. Keep a look out to infer these reasons!

Types of cat loaf

  • Most cats who tend to loaf do so in different ways. So different types of these can also be seen.
  • Let’s take look at these cute fur balls that resemble bread loaves!
  1. Full loaf
    • This is the perfect loaf where the paws are fully tucked with the tail closely pressed.
  1. Partial loaf
    • This type of loaf can be seen most commonly among kittens.
    • The elbows can be exposed in this position.
    • Also the tail will be loose.
    • It is not so compact as the full loaf, since the kittens are not used to it yet.
    • They are still in the learning stage.
  1. Boat loaf
    • This is similar to the partial loaf but only with one elbow exposed, forming a bow like shape.
    • The shape gives the name of this loaf.
  1. Face loaf
    • The cat will drop its face onto the floor or chair or any other surface it is laying on.
    • This can be due to exhaustion or even frustration!
    • They can also do this loaf when they are in pain.
    • Face loaf is somewhat uncommon.
  1. Double loaf
    • This occurs when two cats loaf side by side or one in front of another.
    • The double loaf is rather rare.
  1. Triple loaf
    • This occurs with 3 cats loafing together in the same vicinity.
    • This is very rare.

Cat loaf web toon

  • The cat loaf has been adapted in various web toons.
  • One such light hearted web toon is ‘Cat loaf adventures’.
  • I’m sure most cat lovers would enjoy this web toon.

Cat loaf meme

  • Cute cat pictures have been used in memes from time to time.
  • This is an adorable position which makes most people smile.
  • Hence it is a popular position in memes, some even going viral!

Cat loaf drawing

  • Do you want to draw a cat loaf?
  • There are some easy and simple steps taught on so many websites that you might like to follow.
  • I’m sure you will enjoy drawing a cat loaf as much as watching your cat loaf!

Cat loaf position sick

  • Cats tend to hide their illnesses and pain rather well.
  • This is an evolutionary trait to protect themselves from becoming prey.
  • If they show any weakness, other predators can hunt them.
  • They don’t show their pain in order to remain alive.
  • The symptoms that they show can be quite subtle.
  • Certain changes in their behavior are the telltale signs cat owners should look out for.
  • With regard to loafing, certain loafing positions can reveal if they are in pain.
  • When a cat loafs with its nose on the floor and front paws out of its body, it can mean the cat is in pain.
  • The cat is trying to protect its vital organs by lying in this position.
  • It’s time to visit your vet and find out what’s wrong.

Cat loaf from underneath

Cat loaf of kittens
  • This is how a cat loaf looks like from underneath!
  • It is interesting from underneath as much as it is from above, isn’t it?

Fat cat loaf

  • Cats tend to sleep a lot. I’m sure even your kitty does that!
  • An average of 15 hours a day of sleep is normal to a cat.
  • This is because wild cats rested in between hunts to conserve energy. Our pet kitties seem to have inherited this behavior from their ancestors.
  • An indoor cat resting too much and eating too much can get fat!
  • A fat cat loaf would seem like an oversized fur ball, especially if it has a lot of fur.
  • Although a fat cat loaf can look cute, an overweight cat can be a danger to itself.
  • Help your cat shed some fat by giving them a diet with less fat and carbohydrates.
  • Cats are obligate carnivores who require more protein in their diet.
  • Think about the portion size too. Just enough to satisfy hunger!
  • Make them exercise. Allow them to play and make exercise fun.
  • Create some games and buy them some toys like cat trees where they can jump up and down, or a toy to chase.
  • These will make you miss seeing your fat cat loaf!

Final Thoughts

  • Let’s take a look at what we have come to know so far.
  • Cat loaf is the position where a cat sits with its paws tucked underneath its body, looking very much like a loaf of bread!
  • People call this position by various names, cat loaf being the most popular.
  • Cats loaf for various reasons.
  • Some people have come up with different theories as to why cats loaf.
  • They do so to keep themselves warm in cold weather, when they are feeling relaxed, comfortable, safe, happy and also when they trust the people around them.
  • Cats hide their injuries and pain well. Certain loaf positions can show if a cat is stressed, injured or in pain.
  • They also loaf for no particular reason. Just because they feel like loafing!
  • There are several types of loafs based on how much the paw is seen, and also position of the head.
  • Various web toons, memes and drawings have been inspired by their position.
  • I’m sure you find your cat’s loafing position adorable!
  • However, be sure to find whether they are injured or in pain.
  • Consult a vet immediately if your beloved pet is injured or in pain.
  • Keep your kitty healthy and happy to enjoy more of their adorable cat loafs!

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