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Cat trilling is the sound made by cats when their mouths are closed. These sounds are like high pitched chirps. When a cat’s mouth is closed, the vocal cords produce these high pitched sounds. These sounds are produced when air is not expelled out from the mouth.

Cats have the ability to produce different sounds. They can create more than hundred different vocal sounds. They meow, purr, yowl, snarl and growl. Cats make different sounds to express their emotions and feelings to their owners. Sometimes these sounds help in the communication between cats.

Cat trilling is a type of cat purring. Often, cats purr when they are in a calm environment. Cat purring usually tells that a cat is happy. Yet, some cats purr when they are anxious or sick.

Like purring, cat trilling expresses different emotions. Often, it indicates that the cat is happy. Cats trill when greeting their owners and other cats. Sometimes, they trill to show affection to other cats. A mother cat trilling to their kittens is an example. Yet, cats may trill when they are in pain. Trilling is an indicator of various cat feelings. The cat-parent should distinguish the emotions a cat is giving out when trilling.

Why do cats trill? What kind of trilling should you worry about? When do cats trill? Let’s learn more about cat trilling to understand our furry friends better.


  1. Cat trilling when touched
  2. Cat trilling in heat
  3. Cat trilling at night
  4. Cat excessive trilling
  5. Cat trilling at new kitten
  6. Cat trilling and purring
  7. Conclusion

Cat trilling when touched

Cat trilling

Cats trill when they want their cat-parents to pet them. Likewise, cats trill when they seek attention from their owners. If your cat trill at you, it is better to know that they crave some quality time with you. So, spare some time to pet them. Caressing and patting them will make them happy.

Why do cats trill when touched? If your furry friend trills when touched, she must be enjoying the sensation. Cat trilling when touched often indicates that she is in her best mood. These high pitched sounds often says that your cat craves more touching and grooming. Not only kittens, cat trilling is more common in adult cats. A cat trilling when touched might be the most adorable thing about them. So don’t stop touching them if they are trilling. They wants you to know that they love to be touched.

But, in rare occasions, cat trilling when touched will make you worry. Sometimes, cats trill when they are in pain. Older cats trill awfully when you touch their certain body parts. This indicates that they have ailments in their body. Thus, they trill to express pain. In these occasions, you should consult the vet and check your cat’s health.

Likewise, cats tend to trill when touched. Cat trilling when touched gives out positive or negative vibes. Cat-parents should have the ability to understand what the cat is trying to say.

Cat trilling in heat

A cat in heat means a cat is ready to mate. A female cat’s puberty starts in-between six to ten months in age. When a cat is in heat, you might observe changes in behaviour.

These behavior changes include;

  • rolling on the floor
  • begging to go out
  • attention seeking behaviour
  • emitting various sounds
  • excessive grooming
  • restlessness

Cats in heat give out meows, purrs and caterwauls. Among these sounds, cats in heat tend to trill as well.

Why do cats in heat trill? Both male and female cats tend to trill in heat. Often, female cats are the ones to start the trilling. A female cat trilling in heat is a signal to let the males know she is ready to mate. These trilling noises the female cats make differ from weak to soft trilling sounds.

Male cats are in heat when they reach full maturity. These male cats are ready to mate whenever the female cat allows it. When female cats in heat trill, males realize that the females are ready to mate. Often, male cats in the vicinity replies to female cats trilling in heat. These replies include different sounds in vocalization.

Cats trilling in heat might be bothersome to cat owners. Yet, taking care of a cat in heat is a must. Here’s how to take care of a cat in heat.

  • Pet her well
  • Extend her playtime
  • Play soothing music to keep her calm
  • Brush her several times a day
  • Keep her cool
  • Keep her indoors
  • Let her stay alone for some time

But, if cat trilling in heat worsens, be sure to consult a vet. They will recommend strategies to help calm a cat in heat. If you don’t want future heat cycles, they will also recommend your cats to get spayed.

Cat trilling at night

Cats are nocturnal creatures. They are more active at night than during the day. Thus a cat trilling at night is never more surprising. But why do cats trill at night? When should you worry about these noises your cat makes?

A kitten trilling at night is common. Kittens trilling at night means they crave affection from the mother cat. They cry for their mom for warmth, milk and care. Yet, adult cats trill at night for complicated reasons. Let’s see what cats trilling at night means.

  • They are born nocturnal animals

Born nocturnal, cats trilling becomes more active at night. Younger kitties trill more than adults as they are less adapted to the household. But as they age, their trilling becomes less. Make sure you tire your feline friends through the day so they sleep at night.

  • They are bored

It is surprising to find cats craving playtime even at night when you are sleepy. Some cats are bored at night. They tend to trill to catch the attention of their cat-parents. So, make sure you bore her out before night falls. Give her the attention she seeks during the day.

  • Change of environment

If you have moved into a new neighbourhood, your cat trilling at night is not surprising. When their external environment changes, cats tend to trill. If you keep outdoor cats inside, that’s also an instance to hear them trilling at night.

  • They are in heat

As we mentioned earlier, cats in their reproductive phase trill at night. Females cats in heat trill more than males. To stop trilling of mature cats at night, get them to meet up with the veterinarian.

  • A sign of disease

This is when you should worry about your felines trilling at night. If your cat is a frequent triller at night, it might be a sign that it is sick. They might be sick due to overactive thyroid and diseases associated with kidneys.

Sometimes, cat trilling at night might be a sign that your cat is getting old. Older cats trill at night because their brains become disoriented with age.

What should you do for a cat trilling at night? If your cat is trilling at night, the first thing to do is to check her with a vet. This will prevent them from getting diseases. Thus, a cat trilling at night is an important factor to understand the health of your feline friend.

Cat excessive trilling

Cat trillings

Some cats trill more than others. Thus, how much a cat trills depends on the personality of these creatures. Shy cats trill less. Extrovert cats tend to trill more. But why do cats trilling gets excessive all of a sudden? Let’s find that out.

  • They are happy

If a cat trills all the time, it means that they think trilling is the best way for communication with you. They want to express their feeling through the trilling. Most often, Cats trilling excessively means that they are happy and playful. Don’t be alarmed if your cat is trilling because it is happy.

  • They want attention

Other than happiness, cats trill more when they want attention. For example if they want to pet her. Cats trill when they are hungry too. Cats trill more when they are bored. So make sure to understand what they are going to say.

Sometimes, a cat trilling more than normal wants you to understand her. If they are looking at you, trilling and moving away, it is best to follow her. Perhaps, there is something she wants to show you. In these cases, it is good to follow her and see what she’s trying to show you.

  • They want to greet

Cat excessive trilling may even be a greeting to other fellow cats. These greetings are also valid to their owners too. So take time to accept their greetings and give them a gentle caress as a reply.

  • They want to communicate

Cats may trill more to communicate with other cats and even with owners. Trilling is a part of cat communication. Cat-parents should master the mode of communication through trilling. If your cat is trilling at you, don’t hesitate to trill back!

  • They are sick

Often, cat trilling is a good omen. But, constant excessive cat trilling might be a sign of serious illness. Veterinarians suggest that if your cat is older, excessive cat trilling is a sign of disease. So pay attention to your feline friends if they start to trill excessively all a sudden. Have them signed up for regular vet checkups to avoid possible health complications.

Thus, cat excessive trilling is a not a matter to take lightly. Cats trill more when they have something to say. It is important as cat-parents to understand what each cat trill means.

Cat trilling at new kitten

It’s not a surprise if you love to extend your cat family. But have you ever wanted your new kitten to get along with the rest of the cat family? What does it mean when adult cats trill at new kitten?

If you find your adult cats trilling at your new kitten, you should be happy. It means that the adult cats want to get along with the new kitten.

When your cats are trilling at new kitten, it is a friendly gesture. These adult cats wants to greet the new comer to their family. Sometimes adult cats trill at new kitten to communicate. These communicative trills means that the cats wants the kitten to follow them.

For instance, mother cats trill at kittens to make them follow her. Kittens have an ability to understand these high pitched notes the adult cats make.

Cat trilling at new kitten is a good sign. Owners can be blissful to find that the new kitten gets along with other cats. Thus, cat-parents should understand the cat body language of the members of the cat family.

Cat trilling and purring

Cat purring starts from their little age as kittens. Through their lives, cats continue to purr. Purring is a part of communication of cats. Cats purr to display emotions and feelings they are going through. A purring cat might want to make you understand what they are feeling.

Cats purr when they are calm, happy, excited and sociable. Yet, cats also purr when they are afraid, anxious and nervous. Thus, cat purring is not limited to a certain type of emotion.

There is a direct connection between cat purring and trilling. Cat trilling is a type of cat purring. Cats purr and trill with closed mouths. A trill is less deep and more high-pitched than a purr. Purring might give out various emotions. But cat trilling is often associated with happiness and contentment.


Cats trill to convey emotions and messages. Thus, cat trilling is a part of feline language. You can find your cat trilling at you. Why do they trill at you? It is the responsibility of the cat-parent to realize why they do so.

Cat trilling is associated with the personality of cats. Personalities differ from cat to cat and breed to breed. Thus, we see some cats trilling more than other cats. Likewise, some breeds of cats trill more than others.

Though the reason for cat trilling is vague, it is often a matter to recognize. Cat trilling should be taken seriously. It is better to have your furry friends signed up for regular checkups.

Thus, ‘Feline language’ is complex than human language. Man is a superior being. So, we should have the ability to distinguish the different types of cat trilling.

Cat trilling is common among cats of all ages. But if cat trilling gives out awful vibes, it means they are in pain. Then, you should consult the vet immediately.

What does it mean to have your furry friend trilling at you? In short, it means, she wants to be by your side a little more. She must be enjoying the little moments you spend with her.

So don’t neglect the cat trilling. Make sure to let your pet know that her cat trilling is not wasted for nothing. And be sure to let her know that you get her more than anyone else.

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