Cat Type

Lilac point Siamese

Lilac point Siamese is a creamy white colored Siamese cat with pinkish grey points. They have pale pink undertones on the nose and paw pads. This is a popular color of Siamese cats. These beautiful...

Blue Point Siamese

Siamese cats are found as four main types based on their coat color. Blue point Siamese are a type of Siamese cat that has a bluish cream colored body and dark grey points. These cats...

Seal Point Siamese

Have you met a somewhat loud, pale colored cat with dark paws and face? That’s a seal point Siamese. Seal point Siamese happen to be one of the famous feline breeds in the world. They...

Black Maine Coon

Some people would just run away when they see a black cat! How do you feel about owning a black Maine coon ? Black cats in general have a mysterious air about them. This...

Short hair maine coon

Most of the Maine Coons we have seen happen to be long haired. They are not naturally short haired cats. If you see a short hair Maine Coon cat, it is probably a mixed...

Orange Maine Coon

What does this name sound like ? You wouldn’t believe it! It’s a type of cat! Maine Coon is actually the largest domesticated cat breed. Orange Maine Coon are also confused as ginger cats....

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