Christmas cat name


Christmas cat name. Christmas is fast approaching along with all that is associated with it. Many people all over the world are making preparations to celebrate it amidst hardships this year.

It is the season for gifts and many people think of gifting a pet for their loved ones. Giving a Christmas cat name for such cats and also for those cats born in December can be a good idea.

However, finding a suitable name for your cat can be somewhat difficult for you. You will be overwhelmed with the sheer numbers!

That’s where we come in. Here’s a list of Christmas cat names from various aspects of Christmas. Your cat might even remind you of Christmas for you to give such a name.

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Something about Christmas

Christmas cat name

Christmas is a Christian festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus. It is celebrated on the 25th of December every year.

Christmas is a sacred religious holiday as well as a worldwide cultural and religious phenomenon, which has been celebrated for two millennia.

The popular customs during this festival is exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, sharing meals with family and friends and the most awaited event for kids being the arrival of Santa Claus!

Let’s find out how many names your cat can be named after based on this world wide phenomenon in December.

Christmas cat names

Christmas has so many symbolic names, icons, people, books, movies and so on, inspired by it. Here are some names for your cat inspired by Christmas.

  1. Angel – for angelic cats
  2. Baby –for cute and innocent cats
  3. Bell – bells tolling reminds us of Christmas
  4. Bethlehem – place where Jesus was born
  5. Blessing – for cats that bring joy and prosperity in life
  6. Bows – beautiful Christmas decoration
  7. Candle – for white and bright cats
  8. Carol – this cat will remind you of Christmas carols
  9. Caspar – if your cats understands things easily and fast
  10. Charity – a name that will remind you of the season of giving
  11. Cheer – to celebrate the festive mood
  12. Cherub – for innocent cats
  13. Cinnamon –a spicy cat name
  14. Coal – ideal for a black cat to remind you of the heat and warmth produced by coal during winter
  15. Crystal – ideal name for white cats
  16. David – a king of Israel who happens to be a descendant of Jesus
  17. December – the month of Christmas
  18. Donor – for helpful cats
  19. Dove – ideal name for peaceful and innocent cats
  20. Drummer – for playful cats and kittens
  21. East – the direction the wise men saw the star
  22. Ebenezer – this name will remind you of God’s faithfulness
  23. Emmanuel – this name will remind you that God is always with you
  24. Eve – more suitable for a cat you got a night before Christmas
  25. Evergreen – for cool and pleasing cats
  26. Faithful – for trustworthy cats
  27. Forest – cats with thick fur and are quiet
  28. Gabriel – if your cat brought good news, this is the name
  29. Gift – for a cat received as a present
  30. Glitters – for bright cats
  31. Glory – for beautiful cats
  32. Grace – for favor bringing cats
  33. Happy – for cats that will keep you happy
  34. Holy – for blameless cats
  35. Honor – for cats you can trust
  36. Hope – the hope you get every Christmas
  37. Jerusalem – capital of Israel
  38. Jesus – for friendly and sweet cats
  39. Jingle bells – Christmas melody
  40. Joseph – Jesus’ father
  41. Joy – for cheerful cats
  42. Love – for your emotionally and physically attached cat
  43. King – for majestic cats
  44. Kris – for Christian cat lovers
  45. Magic – for powerful and mysterious cats
  46. Magical – for extraordinary cats
  47. Malachi – to remind of a certain message
  48. Mary – mother of Jesus
  49. Mars – for brightly furred cats
  50. Melchior – king of Persia who brought gold to baby Jesus
  51. Merry – joyful cat name
  52. Midnight – for a cat that arrived at night
  53. Mince – for a cat fully owned by a person
  54. Miracle – for extraordinary powerful cats
  55. Mistle – to remind of mistletoe
  56. Myrrh – for cats that are gifts
  57. Nazareth – the city
  58. Noelle – for cats born during Christmas
  59. Peace – for calm cats
  60. Pumpkin – for plump cats
  61. Red – the color of Christmas, which is a good name for kittens
  62. Ribbon – to remind you of the gift
  63. Rosemary – for beautiful and attractive cats
  64. Santa – father Christmas
  65. Shepherd – for cats that take care of things
  66. Silver bells – cat name for silver furred cats
  67. Spirit – for powerful cats
  68. Star – for white cats
  69. Starlight – for brightly furred cats
  70. Stocking – for the ones who love to play with them
  71. Tash – for kittens born on Christmas day
  72. Tuttle – for humble and submissive cats
  73. Twinkle– for shiny eyed and furred cats
  74. Wish – your wish for someone
  75. Yule – name for cats born on Christmas day or festive season

Female cat names

Boys and girls should get separate cat names, Christmas or not! Find out whether these cat names are suitable for your girl cat.

  1. Alaska – will remind you of the beautiful Alaska
  2. Aspen – the Colorado town famous for its ski slopes
  3. Brisket – was inspired by a traditional Hanukkah dish
  4. Canela – the Spanish name of cinnamon which is popular during Christmas
  5. Chicory – bitter greens consumed during Christmas
  6. Clarence – the angel in the film, ‘It’s a wonderful life’
  7. Cookie – ideal for an adorable and sweet cat
  8. Comet – one of Santa’s reindeers who was ever-smiling
  9. Cupid – a reindeer belonging to Santa who spreads love with a lot of happiness
  10. Epiphany – for a cat born during the festive season
  11. Esther –this means star.
  12. Figgy – reminds of a treat
  13. Garland – to remind of leaf decorations during Christmas
  14. Glacier – the ice masses in the south and north poles
  15. Gingerbread – a delicious Christmas treat
  16. Holly – the plant used for decorations during this season
  17. Hymn – the melodious Christmas songs that fill the air during Christmas
  18. Igloo – houses built using snow
  19. Ivy – the evergreen creeper, suitable for a faithful cat
  20. Joy – suitable for a cheerful cat that uplifts your spirits
  21. Latke – a yummy potato pancake
  22. Lucy – the lucky one
  23. Mittens – gloves worn during the cold Christmas season
  24. Marzipan – suitable for a darling cat
  25. Paloma – Spanish word for dove, which means peace
  26. Prancer – suitable for a kind and caring kitten as in the movie
  27. Poinsettia – the lovely red plant seen during Christmas
  28. Pudding – a lovely name for a charming cat
  29. Tundra – suits a white haired cat since this name refers to the frozen arctic
  30. Vixen – one of Santa’s reindeers

Male cat names

  1. Blanco – Spanish for white
  2. Balthazar – one of the wise men bringing gifts to baby Jesus
  3. Claus – suitable for a brave and victorious cat
  4. Cracker – ideal for a loud and noisy cat, given as a gift
  5. Crosby – the singer of the song ‘White Christmas’
  6. Dickens – Charles dickens is the author of the Christmas carol story
  7. Donner – one of the joyous reindeers who loves singing
  8. Felix –Latin for happy, which is what Christmas is about
  9. Frio – cold in Spanish
  10. Icicle – ideal for a lovely cat with a sparkling white coat
  11. Jul – Swedish word for Christmas
  12. Neige – French for snow
  13. Nicholas– Saint Nicholas also known as Santa Claus
  14. North – the chilly North pole
  15. Nutmeg – a seasonal spice used in holiday desserts
  16. Olaf – the snowman created by Elsa and is suitable for an outgoing and friendly cat
  17. Rudolph – the red nosed reindeer
  18. Snowman – built during Christmas
  19. Wenceslas – derived from the Christmas carol ‘Good king Wenceslas’
  20. Zima – Czech name which means winter

Food and drink Christmas cat names

What’s Christmas without food and drink? There are so many food items associated with Christmas. These foods can also be great names for your feline pet.

Take a look at these names and see if there is a name suitable for your kitty as well.

  1. Brandy – an alcoholic drink used in Christmas pudding, which is also a favorite drink of many people.

2. Candy – a kind of sugary sweet and is an ideal name for an extremely sweet cat.

3. Cider – an alcoholic beverage made using fermented apples. It is consumed during Christmas and is a refreshing drink, perfect for relaxing. It can be a unique cat name.

4. Custard –mandatory with Christmas pudding and a great name for soft and fluffy cats.

5. Fruitcake – always a part of Christmas festivities.

6. Fudge – a delicious chocolate candy treat made for Christmas and also other occasions.

7. Gingerbread – man-shaped cookies. Ginger can be used as a shorter version for a cat name.

8. Nog – also known as eggnog, it is a traditional and popular Christmas drink made from different spirits, eggs, spices and milk.

9. Pudding – traditionally served as part of Christmas dinner.

10. Punch – a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that contain fruit or fruit juice.

11. Rum – an alcoholic drink used in many Christmas baking recipes.

Winter cat names

Christmas reminds us of winter and snow. Thus, the weather can also be used as inspiration for a cat name.

  1. Blizzard – a snow storm with strong winds. Can be suitable for active cat that like to run around and leave a mess behind.
  2. Flurry – a light snowfall that results in a small accumulation on the ground.
  3. Frosty – very cold weather with ice on the ground that causes people to slip and fall.
  4. Snowball – balls made of snow used in outdoor games. Suitable for a white fluffy cat that likes to play fetch.
  5. Snowflake – a single ice crystal. A suitable name for a graceful cat.

Cat safety during Christmas

Christmas cat names

Christmas is a busy and hectic festive season with so much going on. This holiday can be a dangerous time for pets such as cats.

Cats are curious creatures and would like to explore the new, shiny things. Kittens are especially curious ones! Make sure your house is kitten proofed if you plan on getting a new cat.

Remember not to get a cat if you are not home for Christmas. Unlike dogs, cats don’t need to be around humans the whole time, but do like the company and love.

Make sure your pet is not likely to be electrocuted with all those electric wires lying around. Also be careful about the fire and other stuff when cooking.

Don’t leave them around for your pet to hurt themselves.


Christmas cat name. Christmas is a joyous occasion where gifts are given in abundance. Many opt for pets and cats are a favorite choice.

Giving a suitable name for a cat received or born during Christmas can be rather difficult due to the many names and terms associated with Christmas.

Names can be obtained from Christmas movies, books, plays, food and drink consumed during Christmas and also based on the weather during Christmas.

Traditional Christmas names also exist, which can give a Christmassy feel.Selecting a good name from these names is up to you.

You can consider the nature of your cat, their color and also what they remind you of in association with Christmas.

Remember to give them a name that you can call out in public for quite some time. They might also respond to the name, although it is often thought that cats don’t respond to their name.

That would be a pity after going through all that effort to select a name! Be sure to give an appropriate Christmas cat name to remind of the snowy, shivering cold Christmases!

Hope you and your furry, fluffy pet will like those names given above!

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