Friendliest cat breeds

Friendliest cat breeds

A cat is not only a pet. Adopting one is a big decision. Cats are companions for life. Any cat-parent would want to adopt something more than a pet. How wonderful would it be if the cat turns out to be your best friend? Adopting one of the friendliest cat breeds is an absolute perfect decision.

Some say, dogs are man’s ‘best friends’. Despite the saying, aren’t cats the most adorable friends for life?

Before you make that mighty decision of becoming a cat-parent, consider the cat breed. Are some cat breeds friendlier than others? If so, what makes them friendly?

If you want your cat to be your furry friend, you might want to adopt the friendliest cat breeds on the planet. Let’s decide which kitty friend will prove to be the friendliest. Or if you are already blessed with a friendly kitty.


  1. 10 friendliest cat breeds
  2. Meanest cat breeds
  3. Most loving cat breed
  4. Cutest cat breeds
  5. Friendliest cat breeds uk
  6. Best cat breeds
  7. Conclusion

10 friendliest cat breeds

Friendliest cat breed

Here are the top ten friendliest cat breeds in the family of felines.

  1. Maine Coon
  2. Persian
  3. Cornish Rex
  4. Ragdoll
  5. Abyssinian
  6. Exotic shorthair
  7. Scottish Fold
  8. Sphynx
  9. Birman
  10. Devon Rex
  1. Maine Coon


  • Maine coons are felines that originated from the United States.
  • They are popular for their bushy and furry tails.
  • These kitties have dense fur and medium sized legs.
  • Their ears have distinctive fur at the ends.
  • Fur colors include black, blue and white.
  • Different coat patterns include tabby, solid and tortoiseshell etc.


  • These kitties have a personality that is similar to that of a dog. Therefore, they are called ‘the dogs of the cat world’.
  • Maine coons love to be around their cat-parents.
  • They find human affection very satisfying.
  • And they have a habit of showing their affection as well.
  • For instance, they will bring you gifts of all sorts. These gifts will sometimes be a dead animal.
  • However, they will gift their owners to show their affection.
  • It is not a surprise to find your Maine coon falling asleep on your lap. For them, this is also a way of showing that they are friendly around you.
  • They are really sociable with humans.
  • These felines are very obedient. They will come after you anywhere you summon them.
  • Maine coons love to cuddle. This make them connect with their owners in the long run.
  • If your kitty is a Maine coon, consider yourself lucky. They will adore you a lot.

2. Persian


  • Persian cats are famous for their luxurious silky coats.
  • These coats come as double coats.
  • They are medium sized cats with a significant pushed-in face.
  • Fur colors include silver, cream and grey.


  • Persian cats are majestic felines that graced the royal family.
  • They have a sweet introvert personality.
  • Although they value their alone time, they are friendly around their owners.
  • Yet, strangers and children tend to annoy them.
  • They are often relaxed and calm.
  • If you treat them as your friend, they wouldn’t hesitate to do the same.
  • They love to be in the arms of their owners.
  • Their long silky coats require constant grooming. And they do love it when humans touch their fur.
  • Persian cats show affection in different ways.
  • For example, you’d find them giving out soft purrs and meows.
  • Furthermore, they might communicate with you.
  • They will also trill and chirp at you. Consider these vocals as greetings for a friend.
  • Sometimes, they will gaze at you and blink slowly. This means that they adore you.

3. Cornish Rex


  • The Cornish Rex is a medium sized cat with a distinctive appearance.
  • You could easily identify them for their egg shaped head and long whiskers.
  • Unlike other cat, their coats are short and their fur is bent.
  • Coat patterns vary as solid, tortoiseshell and bicolor.
  • They have large ears and large eyes.


  • Cornish Rex kitties are adventurous spirits.
  • They love to snuggle around humans.
  • Not only that, they are very friendly with their favorite people.
  • You might find your Cornish Rex being vocal with you. Likewise, they will try to communicate with you.
  • Since they have shorter coats, they love to cuddle for warmth.
  • Spending cold nights cuddling your furry friend will make them want you more.
  • These cats have a great energy outdoors too.
  • They love to play fetch with you.
  • Sometimes, if they are not petted, they will demand attention.
  • These kittens will be extremely demanding for love.
  • So make sure to pour them a handful of affection you’d give to any friend.

4. Ragdoll


  • Ragdolls are larger and longer in size.
  • They might even appear fluffier. Because of their bushy furry coats.
  • These kitties have long fluffy tales.
  • Coat colors differ as seal, blue, chocolate and lilac.


  • Ragdolls are special felines since they are fiercely loyal to their owners.
  • They are naturally sociable and calm.
  • Unlike Cornish Rex, Ragdolls won’t be demanding attention.
  • This is what makes Ragdolls a friend for life.
  • You can pet a Ragdoll and they won’t be asking you to pet them all the time.
  • Like others, Ragdolls how affection in various ways.
  • For example, they will follow you around the household.
  • Or they will steal a nap on your lap.
  • And they might even surprise you with a headbutt!

5. Abyssinian


  • Abyssinians are medium sized cats with slender limbs.
  • Their coat comes as a ticked tabby.
  • The original coat color is ‘ruddy’.


  • Abys are intelligent felines with a friendly personality.
  • These kitties are not fans of hugs and cuddles.
  • So you should not be upset if they refuse to cuddle with you.
  • However, they are fun playmates.
  • You could offer them a toy and watch them play with it for hours.
  • They love it when their owner rub their coats.
  • They will show their appreciation by giving out soft purrs.

6. Exotic Shorthair


  • These felines look similar to a Persian cat.
  • Their coats are short but fluffy.
  • They have round eyes and short tails.


  • Exotic shorthairs are loyal and affectionate cats.
  • They love it when their owners caress and pet them.
  • They would get along well with just anyone.
  • Yet, they also love to spend time alone.
  • But keep in my mind that they love to hang out with you.
  • Although, they won’t nag at you if you don’t want to pet them.
  • But make sure you show affection to them. Because these furry friends are introverts that love to be sociable.

7. Scottish Fold


  • Scottish Folds are round and medium sized felines.
  • They have thick short fur with hardly any neck.
  • Short legs are distinctive.
  • Overall, they have an owl-like face.


  • They are very gentle in nature.
  • Loves to play and hang around the rest of the human family.
  • Yet they won’t end up giving you trouble.
  • They become attached to their owners and will stick around them.
  • In fact, they will get along with other cats and even with dogs.
  • They are sweet as kittens and will show their affection using soft vocals.

8. Sphynx


  • You will identify them for their lack of coat.
  • This is due to genetic mutation that is caused due to selective breeding.
  • Yet, their bodies are not completely hairless.
  • Moreover, it’s significant face lacks eyebrows or whiskers.


  • Sphynx cats are great attention lovers.
  • They are sociable and talkative.
  • They love to cuddle with their owners.
  • For instance, in cold winters, they tend to cuddle under blankets.
  • They show affections through purrs and meows.

9. Birman


  • Birman cats have long haired coats with silky fur.
  • They have significant white paws that look like socks.
  • Also, they are gifted with deep blue eyes.


  • Birman are lovable pets.
  • They love to be around their owners.
  • Furthermore, they love to cuddle.
  • However, they won’t beg and demand attention.
  • Even when they crave attention, a good caress will make them contented.
  • They are one of the sweetest and adorable felines.

10. Devon Rex


  • These medium sized cats have alien-like faces.
  • Their large ears are quite significant.
  • They have a long neck with slender limbs.


  • Devon Rex is an active cat breed.
  • They love to spend time with their human family.
  • Due to their friendliness, they might even offer a cuddle to the guests that arrive.
  • They are out-going and amusing.
  • They love to put up their little clown shows.
  • But they show their affection in return to the affection they bestow on their owners.
  • So it is important to cuddle with them and appreciate what they do.

Meanest cat breeds

Even some of the friendliest cat breeds can turn into the meanest. It all depends on how you treat them. Let’s look at some of the meanest felines in the world.

  1. Bombay
  • Bombay cats can’t be left alone.
  • They become aggressive when they do not get attention.
  • For instance, they might jump onto your lap when you are reading the newspaper.
  • Also, noises bother them. They tend to act crazy in such situations.

2. Egyptian mau

  • Although they are friendly with their owners, they will be aggressive to others.
  • Sometimes they can be mean to their owners too.
  • For example, when owners take their food away, these cats will become agitated.

3. Bengal

  • They detest cuddling and being on your lap.
  • Bengals tend to go wild and act mean.
  • For example, they will end up scratching everywhere.
  • Also, they will demand a lot of attention.

4. Pixie bob

  • Like other most cats, strangers annoy them.
  • As a result, they will end up scratching and spraying.

5. American Wirehair

  • These felines have tendency to be overprotective.
  • They may defend themselves in the presence of strangers.

6. Korat

  • These cats will turn aggressive in order to get attention.
  • Or they can will be mean as a result of self defense.

7. Siamese

  • Siamese cats get attached to their owners.
  • In fact, they would be demanding for attention.
  • Moreover, they would show jealousy when their owners are petting other animals.

Most loving cat breed

Other than the friendliest cat breeds, there are those who love the best. As a matter of fact, Ragamuffins are the most loving.


  • These furry friends have loving personalities.
  • They are sweet and gentle creatures.
  • They are easy to get along with. Ragamuffins are calm with even children.
  • These felines have a habit of greeting visitors and their owners.
  • Ragamuffins don’t get frustrated easily.
  • They will play fetch with you like a puppy.
  • Unlike others, Ragamuffins will love you like a kitten for the rest of your life.
  • Their calm temperament and lovable nature makes them the most loving cat breed.

Cutest cat breeds

Friendliest cats

Being the cutest cat breed is an addition when it comes to being the friendliest. Let’s look at the most adorable furry friends you could adopt.

  1. Munchkin
  • Muchkins are one of the cutest furry friends.
  • There fluff balls with short legs are an adorable sight to see.
  • A Munchkin rolling with its abdomen almost touching the floor is what makes it very cute.

2. British Shorthair

  • The have a very short neck.
  • Their dense coat makes them look like adorable furry balls.

3. Persian

  • Born to look magnificent, these kitties are also cute.
  • Their luxurious fur with large eyes makes their face very adorable.

4. Ragdoll

  • They grow pretty large than other cats.
  • Yet, with their bright blue eyes and thick coats, they are a sight to see.

5. Maine Coon

6. Birman

7. Scottish Fold

Friendliest cat breeds UK

Here are the some of the friendliest cat breeds in the United Kingdom.

  1. Russian Blue
  2. Somali
  3. Manx
  4. Exotic Shorthair
  5. Abyssinian
  6. Sphynx
  7. Siamese
  8. Birman

Best cat breeds

Considering all factors, below are the best cat breeds you’d need in any family.

  1. Maine Coon
  2. Ragdoll
  3. Persian
  4. Siamese
  5. Somali
  6. American Shorthair
  7. Burmese
  8. Abyssinians
  9. Manx

These cat breeds are really good around children. Also, they are good choices to have a first time experience with a cat.


Adopting a feline with a friendly reputation is a good step to take. Consider all factors before actually adopt them. These factors could vary from person to person. Even some of the friendliest cat breeds will turn into the meanest on how you treat them.

So what should you consider before adopting a furry friend?

  • Ask yourself if you have time for them
  • Be aware of the importance of attention to these felines
  • Ask yourself if you can take good care of them
  • Be flexible to understand their needs
  • Understand the importance of showing affection to them

Thus, it’s the cat-parent’s duty to look after their furry friends. Most cat breeds treat the way we treat them. Likewise, if we show affection, they won’t hesitate to show appreciation. But if we consider them a nuisance, don’t expect them to stay friendly.

So make sure to have a long lasting friendship with your kitty. These cats will end up being the sunshine on your darkest days.

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