Lilac point Siamese


Lilac point Siamese is a creamy white colored Siamese cat with pinkish grey points. They have pale pink undertones on the nose and paw pads. This is a popular color of Siamese cats.

These beautiful cats make wonderful pets with their melodramatic, demanding and loud, theatrical behavior. Let’s take a detailed look at these wonderful animals.

Table of contents

  1. Brief history of the lilac point Siamese
  2. Common features of the lilac point Siamese
  3. Appearance of the lilac point Siamese
  4. Lilac point Siamese personality
  5. Lilac point Siamese cost
  6. Difference between blue point and lilac point Siamese
  7. The white Siamese
  8. Long haired lilac point Siamese
  9. Blue point Siamese
  10. Chocolate point Siamese
  11. Seal point Siamese
  12. Flame point Siamese
  13. Lynx point Siamese
  14. Conclusion

Brief history of the lilac point Siamese

Lilac point Siamese

Siamese cats originated in Thailand and have four types based on coat color. They were royal pets as well as temple cats in the olden times.

In the beginning, lilac point Siamese cats were not given much attention and were even called ‘freaky cats’. They were thought to be a low quality blue point breed version of the chocolate point.

However, they became popular first in the US in 1955 and later in Britain in 1960. This is one of the last of the four variations to be officially recognized.

Lilac point Siamese are genetically diluted chocolate point and also linked to blue point. These cats are rarer than other Siamese cat breeds.

Common features of the lilac blue Siamese

  • These cats are considered to be a healthy breed of cats.
  • They weigh around 8 – 12lbs and reach heights of 8 – 10 inches.
  • Lilac point Siamese have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years on average, while some can live up to 20 years depending on their health and diet.
  • These cats also have short hair which reduces shedding to a great deal.
  • They should be groomed once a week using a soft brush.

Appearance of the lilac point Siamese

Lilac point Siamese cats have a light cream colored coat. They look pale blue in color from their eyes to their paws.

These cats have the lightest shade among the four types of Siamese cats. Their nose leather and paw pads have a pale pink undertone. Their colors stay pale and soft throughout their lives.

The lilac blue Siamese have china blue colored eyes, unlike the other breeds of Siamese who possess electric blue eyes.

These cats were also known as ‘frosty point’, which is the diluted color of the chocolate point. This was due to the frosty grey coloring of its points with pink undertones.

Lilac point Siamese personality

Lilac point Siamese are extremely loyal and affectionate cats. They love their owners and wish to stay with them a lot. These are very friendly cats, dedicated to their owners.

These cats are also demanding and seek attention from their owners. They like to accompany them where ever they go. Lilac point Siamese are also famous for their melodramatic and theatrical behavior.

These beautiful cats are also very intelligent. It can be very entertaining to have these creatures around you. They are very energetic and playful, even playing games such as fetch with you.

Just like other Siamese cats, being vociferous is nothing new to these cats. They live to chat with their owners and get depressed if left alone for a long time.

These cats also have a certain level of curiosity, poking their nose into this and that, that comes their way. These are also known to have the sweetest and gentlest temperament of all the Siamese.

Lilac point Siamese cost

  • Lilac point Siamese cats can be bought for about $600 to $1200 in the US.
  • This depends on the area.
  • Remember to buy from a reputable breeder.
  • A premium lilac Siamese cat with noticeable features can cost around $ 850 to $ 2000.
  • You can also get them at a lower rate or free from animal shelters or rescue centers.

Difference between blue point and lilac point Siamese

  • Lilac point Siamese are silvery grey while blue points are darker or slate grey.
  • Both these have grey colored points which confuses breeders.
  • Lilac point Siamese remain white throughout their life while blue points darken with age.

The white Siamese

  • The lilac point Siamese is an inspiration for an entirely new type of Siamese.
  • It is called white Siamese or foreign white.
  • A cat geneticist known as Patricia Turner saw an overexposed photograph of a lilac point Siamese in 1960.
  • This inspired her to start a breeding program which produced an entirely white oriental cat.
  • Many blue-eyed white cats have a genetic defect that causes deafness. Patricia wanted to get rid of this problem.
  • She bred dominant white British short haired cats with Siamese seal points to obtain the white Siamese.
  • These beautiful cats have blue eyes just like the Siamese.

Long haired lilac point Siamese

  • The genes of the Siamese cat breed have been used to breed so many cats, that they have their own names.
  • The Balinese cat breed is a long haired Siamese.
  • These cats were developed from long haired kittens that appeared occasionally in Siamese litters.
  • The Javanese cat is similar to Balinese.
  • The Himalayan cats are a Siamese/ Persian cross.
  • They have coloring as points which makes them look like long haired Siamese.

Blue point Siamese

Lilac point Siamese
  • It is the first of the alternate colors to be officially accepted.
  • Blue point Siamese cats have slate blue points which are also known as dilute seal color.
  • They have a fur coat which is platinum grey of bluish tones with lighter shades on the belly and chest.
  • These cats have slate grey noses and paw pads with a bluish – white body.
  • Blue point Siamese are a genetic deviation of the seal points and are rarer than them.
  • These cats are highly intelligent, calm, affectionate, adorable, playful, loving, vociferous cats who demand attention and love company.
  • They have a laid back and easy going temperament which is unique to blue point Siamese.

Chocolate point Siamese

  • Chocolate point Siamese have been known since the 1880s and are rarer than seal point Siamese.
  • They were officially recognized in 1950.
  • These cats have brown markings which are a lighter pink – toned brown. Their noses and paw pads also have pink undertones.
  • Chocolate point Siamese have ivory white fur which remain light throughout their life.
  • These cats can be somewhat shy, but they live to enjoy life. They are known as the comedians of the Siamese breed.
  • They are loving, affectionate, energetic, curious, intelligent creatures who enjoy playing games.

Seal point Siamese

  • Seal point Siamese have white to fawn colored bodies.
  • Their furthest extremities have darker points.
  • This interesting coat pattern is due to genetics.
  • The alleles are temperature sensitive genes linked to albinism.
  • The face, ears, paws and tails have lower temperatures.
  • Thus, these areas have darker points since the dark color is exposed with reduction in temperature.
  • The fur color on the back darkens with age while that of the belly and chest remain lighter.
  • They have electric blue eyes and are short haired.
  • These loyal, intelligent, playful, demanding, affectionate, sociable and vociferous cats make ideal pets to people with enough time to interact with these adorable cats.

Flame point Siamese

  • When seal point Siamese was first introduced to the UK in 1930, they were bred with red tabby or tortoiseshell British short hair cats which had orange genes.
  • Thus the flame point Siamese was created.
  • Flame point or red point Siamese cats have bright reddish gold points.
  • Their face, tail and stripes in legs are reddish gold, while nose and paw pads are pink.
  • They have a creamy white fur coat.
  • This breed is very beautiful with sparkling blue eyes and are also rare.
  • Most of these cats have stripping on their faces, legs and tails.
  • The kittens are pure white at birth and develop points after several months.
  • The flame points or red points darken with age.
  • They have blue eyes due to the Himalayan gene which also makes them partial albinos.
  • Development of pigment in kittens occurs in 15 days.
  • They live to be about 15 – 20 years, which depends on the health of the cat.
  • These cats shed less when compared to other cat breeds.

Lynx point Siamese

Lilac point Siamese
  • Lynx point Siamese or tabby points is a cross between Siamese and tabbies.
  • The breeding of this cat breed began in 1940.
  • There is some debate as to whether it is a Siamese breed or not.
  • The lynx point Siamese have well defined stripes around their eyes, cheeks, legs as well as ringed tails.
  • They have pale bodies which darken with age.
  • These cats come in a rainbow variety such as cinnamon, caramel, apricot, cream and red.
  • These beautiful cats are playful, intelligent and loyal.
  • However, they are not as vociferous as other Siamese cats.
  • They are more laid back and suit most families.


Lilac point Siamese have a light cream colored coat with pinkish grey points. These cats have the lightest shade among the four types of Siamese cats, which stay pale throughout their life.

They also have china blue eyes, which is rather different to the electric blue eyes of the other types.

These cats make great pets due to their affectionate, loyal, intelligent, playful, vociferous, melodramatic, dedicated, beautiful, sweet and gentle qualities.

They love company, so be sure to get them another cat if you cannot keep their company for a long time.

Be sure to love these animals and treat them well. Then they will also love you back and be great companions to you. Hope you enjoy the company of these wonderful animals.

Seal Point Siamese. Click here to learn more.

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