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Orange maine coons

What does this name sound like ? You wouldn’t believe it! It’s a type of cat! Maine Coon is actually the largest domesticated cat breed. Orange Maine Coon are also confused as ginger cats. It is one of the most popular breeds of felines in the world, and also known as ‘dogs of the cat world!’

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• What are Orange Maine Coons like ?
• History of Maine Coons
• Maine Coon Personality
• Lifespan and Maintenance
• Genetics of the orange Maine Coon
• Orange Maine Coon adoption
• Red Maine Coon
• White Maine Coon
• Cream Maine Coon
• Conclusion

What are Orange Maine Coon like ?

Orange Maine Coon are large in size when compared to other cats. They have orange colored fur which some people also interpret as ‘red’. The fur is very thick and medium to long. This is to survive the harsh, cold weather of their place of origin.

Most orange Maine Coon cats are tabbies. This means they have markings and stripes throughout their bodies. It is rare to find a solid orange Maine Coon. These cats can also have some fade on the coat which gives a smoky pattern. The lower side of the body and upper fur are the body marking locations.

The orange color in these cats are due to predominant melanin called phaemelanin. Some orange Maine Coon cats can also have black freckles on the face. Most orange Maine Coons have a ‘M’ shaped marking on their foreheads. A few also have six toes, but this trait is discouraged in breeding nowadays.

These cats grow up to be around 5-8 kg in males and 3-5 kg in females. They can also reach 40 inches in length. Male cats can be 10-16 inches in height while females can be around 8-14 inches. They are also slow growers, reaching full size between 3-4 years old.

History of Maine Coons

There are several myths surrounding the origin of Maine Coons. The most likely explanation is that these cats descended from shorthaired domestic cats and long haired foreign cats brought home as souvenirs by New England sailors. The first mention of a cat called Maine Coon occurred in 1861.

The Maine Coons originated in the state of Maine in North America. Hence, they were made the official state cat of Maine in 1985.

Maine Coons evolved to survive harsh winters. So they have developed characteristics such as large tufted paws and a thick, bushy tail to wrap around their bodies when they are cold. Their thick fur coats are the main feature of survival.

Maine Coon personality

Orange maine coon cats

Orange Maine Coon are great family pets since they are not aggressive by nature and also get along with other pets and young children. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities in their personality that make them great pets.

1. Affectionate

• These cats are known to be highly affectionate towards their owners. Sometimes they even tend to force their affection on their owners!
• Love their family but do not demand attention.
• Maine coons can also be called ‘lap cats’ since they love a warm snuggle.
• It’s not just the owners; children, adults and other pets are also included in their list of affection.

2. Gentle

• The Maine Coons are not aggressive by nature and rarely hiss or spit. Thus they’ve won the nickname ‘gentle giants’.

3. Intelligent

• These cats are known to be highly intelligent. Simple tricks or commands can be taught to them.

4. Loyal

• Maine Coon cats love their human families and rarely stray from their owner’s side. They would love to spend every moment by their owner’s side as possible.
• Maine Coons are supposed to be one of the most loyal cat breeds ever.

5. Friendly and sociable

• Male Maine Coons are far more friendly than the females.
• Females tend to take some time to warm up to new comers.
• Once they do, they can also be as friendly as the males.
• Orange maine coons are very people oriented.

6. Tolerate other house pets

• Maine Coons’ instinct is to make friends with other animals. Hence, they are unlikely to cause trouble with other pets.

7. Playful

• Orange Maine Coons have a playful nature and are naturally inquisitive. They tend to enjoy exploring and playing for a good part of their life.

8. Good hunters

• These cats are good hunters and tend to present their owners with their kill just to show how much they love you!
• Gross? Don’t panic! It’s just their animal instinct.

9. Water lovers

• Unlike many cats, Maine Coons tend to love water and are very good swimmers.
• They seem to have an obsession with water!
• This may be due to their thick, water repellent coats.

Lifespan and maintenance

Orange maine coon mix
  • The average lifespan of these healthy and hardy breed of cats is between 10-12.5 years. However, some tend to live up to 15 years and even beyond.
  • Life expectancy of these cats can be increased with proper care. This includes their diet, exercise and general healthcare.
  • Maine Coon cats are prone to certain genetic diseases which can be avoided by regular check-ups and early interventions.
  • Their diet should be fat free since Maine Coons tend to get obese. Your vet can recommend a proper diet to these large cats.
  • Maine Coons are less dependent on humans. Thus they have to be physically and mentally stimulated.
  • Stimulating toys, attention, conversations and play can increase their lifespan.
  • Maine Coon cats can be leashed and walked like a dog. So, they can be exercised easily.
  • A weekly combing of their coat is sufficient, since it doesn’t mat.
  • Trim their nails as needed.

Genetics of the Orange Maine Coon

  • The X chromosome contains the orange gene.
  • The allele of this gene can have 2 forms: O for orange and o for non-orange.
  • Males carrying the orange gene with an O allele will be orange, since they have only one X chromosome.
  • The ones with an o allele will be black or brown.
  • Females have 2 X chromosomes. So they will have the following combinations of alleles.
  • OO – orange,Oo – tortoise shell & oo – black or brown
  • There are more orange males to females since males have a 1:2 chance of being orange and females only have 1:3 chance.

Orange Maine Coon adoption

  • Orange Maine Coons can either be bought or adopted.
  • If buying, the price range is roughly between $400 – $1500, but this can change from country to country.
  • The age and health influences the price.
  • When buying, be sure to look for a certificate from a vet ensuring that the cat or kitten has been vaccinated and is of the actual Maine coon breed.
  • Buying is not the only option to find an orange Maine Coon.
  • Shelters and animal rescues also have these cats, but mostly the adult ones. Orange Maine Coon kittens are almost never found in these places.
  • Be sure to take your cat to the veterinarian after adoption.
  • Preventive measures for various health issues can be set up by doing so.

Physical characteristics, especially their color, distinguishes Maine Coons from other cats. Maine Coons can come in five solid colors. Black, white, orange (red), blue (grey) and cream. Let’s get to know something about red, white and cream Maine Coons too.

Red Maine Coon

Orange maine coon lifespan

• This cat is also known as ginger Maine Coon and its coat color is officially known as red.

• There are 5 recognized red Maine Coon coat variations.

a) Solid red – the color seems to be one shade of red, though slight variations can be seen on close inspection.
b) Red smoke – the tips are of one color, but the roots of the fur are of a lighter shade.
c) Red classic tabby – has lighter large red stripes on its body and rings on its legs and tails.
d) Red Mackerel tabby – a distinctive narrow striped pattern on the legs, body and tail present.
e) Red ticked tabby – the pattern gives the appearance of ticks all over the body.

  • Almost all red Maine Coons are tabby.
  • The amount of red pigment present in the cat decides the varying shades and patterns of the red fur.
  • When the amount of pigment is higher and when it is evenly distributed, the cat’s coat appears more solid.
  • Genetics controls all these coat colors, shades and patterns.
  • Just like in Orange Maine Coons, the chance of being a male red Maine Coon is higher than it being a female.
  • The reason is as discussed before in genetics of orange Maine Coon.
  • The eye color of these cats can be shades of green, amber, copper, gold or orange.
  • Regular brushing of their coat can keep it knot free and keep shedding to a minimum.

White Maine Coon

The white Maine Coon looks majestic with its beautiful and luxurious coat. The white color of the coat is not actually a color, but a masking of the true color. A gene, W, covers up their true underlying color.


At least one of the parents have to be solid white color. White is a dominant coloring which cannot skip a generation. The true color can be seen when they are kittens, with a tiny mark of color on top of their heads. This disappears a few months later. White Maine coons are not albinos. These cats are also rare since only 5% of cats are white.


White Maine Coons are more prone to skin cancer and sun burn. Squamous cell carcinoma is the most likely cancer which causes pain and disfiguration. Sun burn can be prevented by keeping these cats indoors and also using a good sunscreen.

These cats are also more prone to deafness, especially if they have stunning blue eyes. This is because they are more likely to be born with congenital deafness. This is thought to be pigment related. Melanocytes (melanin producing cells) that are absent or abnormal are present in these cats.


The white Maine Coon also shows dirt more than other Maine Coons. They have to be cleaned regularly. Cat wipes designed specifically for this purpose can be used. Introducing them to bathing while they are kittens can also help keep them cleaner.

Cream Maine Coon

Cream or buff color is accepted by The International Cat Association (TICA) as an official color of Maine Coons. It is found in a solid, which means one color without any stripes. This color is one of the popular colors of Maine Coons.

Orange maine coon cat

Short Hair Maine Coon

Short hair main coon is a mixed breed or a cat that had its hair clipped short or shaved. You can read more about them on our dedicated article here: Short Hair Maine Coon

Final Thoughts

I think you got to know a lot about orange Maine Coons and also a bit about other types of Maine Coons. If you are thinking of having a pet cat, don’t you think Maine Coons are the best ?

They look such adorable and majestic cats! Maine Coons are also less aggressive which is highly desirable in a pet. They also get along with other pets and also little kids. Their loyalty, affection, playfulness, sociability, gentleness all make them wonderful to have as pets.

Whatever pet you wish to have, keep in mind to treat them well and love them. Take them for regular checkups with your vet and keep them safe. Then both you and your pet can be happy!

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