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Have you met a somewhat loud, pale colored cat with dark paws and face? That’s a seal point Siamese. Seal point Siamese happen to be one of the famous feline breeds in the world.

They are popular pets and are related to royalty. It is not just their looks, but their behavior also draws us to them. Let’s take a detailed look at these fascinating creatures.

Table of contents

  1. What is a seal point Siamese?
  2. Characteristics of seal point Siamese
  3. Seal point Siamese personality
  4. Seal point Siamese kittens
  5. How much does a seal point Siamese cost?
  6. Chocolate point Siamese
  7. Seal point Siamese vs. chocolate point Siamese
  8. Blue point Siamese
  9. Conclusion

What is a seal point Siamese ?

Seal Point Siamese cats
  • The word point refers to a certain color in a cat’s extremities.
  • Extremities are the face, ears, nose, paws and tail.
  • The word seal defines the color brown. It can be light or dark.
  • A seal point cat has a contrast between the color points and the main body color.
  • These type of cat breed possess the gene responsible for seal point coloration.

Characteristics of seal point Siamese

This type is one of the color variations of the Siamese cats who originated in Thailand. They were temple cats as well as pets of the royalty. These cats were considered spiritual guardians at a certain time in history.

The color of the fur coat sets a seal point Siamese apart from other types of Siamese cats. They have light colored fur all over the body, except on the face, nose, tail and paws.

These areas where the of the body is lower than the rest of the body, have a dark brown shade (seal brown). The color of the fur darkens with age.

They have pale-cream colored coats when young. The coat turns a darker brown color when they age with the exception of the fur on the chest, neck and belly, which remains light colored.

A male cat weighs around 4-6 kg and reaches a height of about 29-31 cm. Female cats usually weigh about 2.5-4.5 kg. They can reach heights between 27-31 cm.

These cats have electric blue eyes and live up to be about8 and 15 years.

These cats generally have short hair and so tend to shed less. They should be groomed at least once a week using a brush gradually and softly on their fur coat.

Seal point Siamese personality

They not only have the looks but also the brains. They are highly intelligent creatures and can be taught tricks.

However, this can be quite troublesome if they learn to open doors, drawers etc.! They are also curious and like to play with other cats, being quite sociable.

These cats do not like to be left alone for long periods. Better get two cats if you intend to leave them alone when going to work.

These cats love the attention of their owners and can be quite possessive and protective of them. They like to be close to their cat parents and not leave them alone.

These are creatures of habit and do not like change. They do not change their habit easily, and take time to change. They are quite athletic and active.

Also can be quite vocal that distinguishes them from other cats. They tend to talk with their cat parent as if trying to make conversation.

These cats get along with children and other pets. They are people oriented and can greet visitors at the door and even inspect them before they enter!

Seal point Siamese kittens

Seal Point Siamese kitten
  • Seal point kittens and chocolate point kittens can be difficult to tell apart.
  • They look alike when they are young.
  • With time, they develop darker shades on areas they are supposed to have brown spots.
  • These kittens take several weeks for their points to become different to the chocolate point ones.

How much does a seal point Siamese cost ?

  • Siamese kittens can cost around $250 to $1000.
  • An adult would cost around $1000.
  • Certain factors such as the health of the cat, status of the coat as well as breed can affect the cost of a seal point Siamese.
  • They can also be adopted from shelters which would cost less than when purchasing from a breeder.

Chocolate point Siamese

  • Chocolate point happens to be a genetic variation of seal point.
  • These cats are rarer than seal points and have been known since 1880.
  • They were officially recognized in 1950s.
  • Chocolate points also have brown markings like their seal point cousins.
  • However, chocolate point Siamese are a lighter brown, somewhat resembling milk chocolate. It is a warm tone.
  • Their noses and paw pads also have pink undertones.
  • The fur is ivory white and remains so, unlike the seal points which darken with age.
  • They can be somewhat shy, but also loving and affectionate.
  • These are also known as the ‘comedians of the breed’ since they are fun loving.

Seal point Siamese vs. chocolate point Siamese

  • Some people confuse these two types.
  • The points of a seal point are very dark, almost black, while that of a chocolate point happen to be light brown.

Blue point Siamese

  • These are genetic variations of seal points and chocolate points.
  • They have bluish fur on the face, tips of ears, tail and all extremities.
  • Their nose and paw pad are slate colored.
  • Although the color is referred as blue, it is closer to grey.
  • These cats are gentle, loving adorable and loyal.
  • They love to be carried around and being the center of attention.
  • Blue point Siamese have a rather quiet temperament when compared to other Siamese.
  • They are easy going and laid back.
  • These cats are also able to adapt to new situations.
  • They are smart, active and love company.
  • The blue point Siamese make ideal pets that you can cuddle!


Seal Point Siamese cat

They are a type of Siamese cat with dark colored parts such as face, nose, paws and tail. The fur is light colored which tends to get dark with age.

These are adorable pets with electric blue eyes. They are highly intelligent, curious, loving, adorable, vocal, possessive of their owners and love to keep their company.

There are slight differences between chocolate and seal point Siamese. Blue point Siamese is unique in being gentle among the Siamese cats.

All these types of Siamese cats make wonderful pets and loving companions!

Lilac Point Siamese. Click here to learn more.

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