Tiger names for cats


Tiger names for cats.Cat parents consider their cats to be their children. Just like human parents want to give their children beautiful and meaningful names, cat parents also try to give the best possible name to their beloved pets.

Tiger names for cats are quite popular and since tigers and cats are related, these names seem to be more suitable to a cat.

Here are some names you can try out for your beloved feline.


  1. History of cats
  2. How to name a cat using tiger names
  3. List of tiger names for cats
  4. Conclusion

History of cats

Tiger name for cats

Dogs were useful to man during the hunter gatherer period. When humans began to settle down, they needed methods to control pests such as mice who ruined their grain stores. The cat was the ideal solution.

They hunted the mice and obtained their food, while humans got rid of the pest. This happened about 12000 years ago, somewhere in the middle east. It was a serious crime to kill a cat in Egypt at that time.

Before that, that is about twenty million years ago, the cat family split into two. They were the saber cats and felinae. Domestic cats descend from felinae. Saber cats became extinct about 8000 years ago.

The felinae which had short, conical teeth and graceful bodies, survived to co-exist with man till today. Felinae begins with the panther line, and descends to the smallest and latest arrival. This is the domestic cat which is related to the leopard.

The domestic cat at present has 13 genetic markers which separate them from the wild cats. These help the domestic cat to learn ways to live with humans.

How to name a cat using tiger names

Tiger names can be based on different criteria. For instance, tigers can be named based on the country they originate from.

Tigers in the wild can be found in several countries such as India, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Laos, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia and China. You can name your pet cat using a name derived from these country names.

They can also be named using words that mean ‘tiger’ in other languages. For example, Babur or Sher is tiger in Urdu. Similarly, Tora (Japanese), Sud (Thai), Tigris (Latin), Namir (Arabic), Vyaghra (Sanskrit), Tiger (English), Tygr (Czech), Hu (Chinese), Baag (Hindi), Bagha (Nepal), Kotiya (Sinhala) can be used.

There are famous tiger characters in books, movies and TV shows after which you can name your kitty cat. Here are some famous names.

  • Garfield – from the famous cartoon and movie series, Garfield.
  • Hobbes – from the cartoon series, Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Tigger – from Winnie the pooh.
  • Shere khan – from the ‘Jungle book’ by Rudyard Kipling.
  • Parker – from the ‘Life of Pi’ movie.
  • Kumal and Sangha – from the movie ‘Two brothers’.
  • Diego – from ice age.
  • Shira – from ice age.

Cats can also be named according to their personality. Their behaviors can inspire cat parents to name them accordingly.

The appearance of these cats can also inspire certain names. If they have special markings or scars or anything else that distinguishes them from other cats, they can be used as names.

Tigers are majestic, beautiful creatures. They are associated with strength and ferocity. So names that mean or sound this way can be used to name your cats.

The name can also depend on the gender. Male names should sound masculine and rather scary! Female names can also be tough since female tigers are tough. However, they can be somewhat exotic too.

Overall the choice lies with the cat parent. What their beloved pet reminds them of and how they like to call their pet is their choice. Here’ s a list of names which can be helpful in naming your beloved cat using tiger names.

List of tiger names for cats

Female names


Male names


Tiger names for white cats



Tiger names for cats

Cats are the apple of the eye of cat parents. They love doing everything perfectly by their cat babies. Choosing a name for their beloved cat is a very important task.

The name can be based on the appearance or the behavior of the cat. Sometimes they can be named after someone very important.

Cats can also be named after their wild cousins. Tiger names for cats are also suitable as these animals are related to each other.

Tigers are beautiful, majestic and ferocious creatures. Their names can reflect this nature. Cats can be named accordingly to bring out their ancient history with their wild counterparts.

Hope the list of names given above were helpful in choosing a ‘brave’ name for your kitty cat.

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