What does it mean when cats hang around your house


What does it mean when cats hang around your house ? .Do you have cats roaming around your house at all sorts of odd hours ? They might even come indoors at times if an opportunity is available, like an open window or door. I’m sure most of you have even lost your beauty sleep due to the yowling you hear in the middle of the night !

These aren’t really your cats or pets. They are most probably strays or even your neighbors’ cats. You might not even want cats, and yet here they are !

You might be wondering why on earth they want to come to your house ? What does it mean when cats hang around your house ? Let’s find out.

Table of contents

  1. Why cats are attracted to my house?
    I. Out of habit
    II. Food
    III. Comfort
    IV. Boredom
    V. Social
    VI. Lost cats
    VII. Good hunting ground and protection
    VIII. New friend
    IX. Pregnancy
    X. Other reasons
  2. Types of cats that can visit your home
  3. What to do when cats hang around my house?
  4. What not to do
  5. Cat coming to my house superstition
  6. Conclusion

Why cats are attracted to my house ?

What does it mean when cat hang around your house

You may not be having pets of your own, or maybe just not cats. Yet all sorts of cats keep showing at your door at all sorts of odd hours.

Some of them can be friendly and act as if it is their home. Others might be shy at first and gradually become friendly. Some others can even be offensive. They might bite or scratch if provoked.

There can be several reasons for all sorts of cats to visit your home. Let’s go through these reasons to find out why cats are attracted to your house.

  1. Out of habit
    • Cats are known to wander around, irrespective of having a home.
    • These are curious animals and love to explore.
    • Also have an instinctive compulsion to explore.
    • As kittens they follow their mother, and as grownups they tend to follow humans.
    • They are most likely to follow their owners. However, if they make friends they can also visit their ‘friend’ occasionally.
    • Sometimes a cat can be used to your home and so visit out of habit.
  1. Food
    • Love food and will keep visiting places they know that food is available.
    • Someone in the household could be feeding them scraps which is why they tend to return from time to time.
    • Stray cats who have difficulty in finding food tend to come more often if they know that delicious food is available.
  1. Comfort
    • Certain houses can have ideal spots for a cat to nap in peace.
    • If a cat finds a comfortable, safe space to nap, it can come from time to time and take a nap, especially after a meal.
  1. Boredom
    • Most cats eat, sleep and then eat some more for the most part of the day.
    • Thus they get bored easily.
    • If it is your neighbor’s cat, it might feel like exploring its territory a bit.
  1. Social
    • Most pet cats tend to be social.
    • They can purr and try to rub against your leg as a way of showing friendliness.
    • They will show up from time to time to say hi and for titbits.
    • If you have a problem with this, better inform your neighbor to stop their cat from coming over.
    • This can be a problem if you have other animals who don’t get along with cats.
  1. Lost cats
    • Indoor cats can get lost outside.
    • They will then try to seek shelter in a home, which is what they are used to.
    • If a well-groomed cat with a collar enters your home, it is most probably a lost cat.
    • Check the collar for a number and call the owner.
    • If it doesn’t have a number, ask around if someone has lost a cat.
    • You can also put up posters or use social media to trace the owner.
    • Even if you like to keep the cat, there could be a sad owner missing their pet.
    • Try your best to find him or her.
  1. Good hunting ground and protection
    • Your home may have certain attractions such as mice for a cat.
    • Since cats are natural hunters, they can be drawn to such places.
    • If you have large trees or bushes they can hide in these places and hunt birds.
    • Cats also find shelter from their enemies in these trees and bushes.
    • They can climb trees quickly, finding perfect hiding places from their enemies.
  1. A new friend
    • If you own a cat, a stray cat can make friends with it.
    • Thus it can keep coming around your house to visit its new friend.
    • However, if the cats are of opposite gender and if neither is neutered, you could be left with lots of kittens as a gift!
    • Get your cat neutered on time, so that even if it makes friends you won’t have a whole lot more to look after!
  1. Pregnancy
    • Sometimes a pregnant cat could have found an ideal spot to give birth, in your home.
    • It may feel secure in this spot to give birth comfortably and protect its kittens.
  1. Other reasons
    • There are many superstitions associated with cats roaming around houses.
    • Some people think that if a house possesses good energy, peace and serenity, cats come and bring good luck.
    • Let’s take a detailed look of these superstitions later on.
    • Sometimes sick cats can also come to you if they have no other option.
    • Certain circumstances such as bad weather can make a cat seek shelter in your home.
    • Overall cats needing a safe and quiet shelter can seek refuge in your home.

Types of cats that can visit your home

What does it mean when cat hang around your houses

You must have seen that several types of cats visit your home. Some might be your neighbor’s friendly cat. Others might be the not so well groomed strays. They can be friendly after some time. The third type are the feral cats.

Your neighbor’s cat can sometimes become your pet if it comes in very often. They will come and go as they wish, feeding on a titbit, rubbing against your leg, if you allow it, snoozing in a comfortable place and so on. The cat can consider your home its second home!

Stray cats and feral cats do not have owners. Stray cats can be socialized to people. At some point in their life, these cats could have been pets but somehow lost its contact with humans. They could have been abandoned or lost.

These can be adopted as pets once again. These cats can be seen during the day time looking dirty or disheveled. Feral cats are not socialized to humans. These cats have never had any contact with any humans or the contact they had has diminished over time.

Feral cats can be fearful of humans and survive on their own outdoors. These cats can have colonies and the members can bond to each other, but not to humans. These cats are most likely to be nocturnal, and have a clean, well-kept coat.

Your neighbor’s cat might not be a big problem, unless you consider it to be a nuisance. You can discuss the problem with your neighbor and sort it out.

However, beware of stray and feral cats, especially feral cats. If you try to pet them, they can scratch or bite you. If these cats are a nuisance or danger to your family members, or your other pets, better inform authorities or call an animal shelter for help.

Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to strange cats hanging around your house.

What to do when cats hang around my house

  • If the cat is your neighbor’s and you have no problem with it coming to your house, you can treat it like a pet.
  • If you have a problem, take it up with your neighbor without having unwanted conflicts.
  • Try to find the owner if the cat is lost.
  • The cat can also be a stray. In such cases it can be in need of food, warmth and security.
  • Try to help them by giving some food and maybe an old blanket.
  • If the cat is wet, you could try drying it. However, be careful before touching such cats.
  • Wait until the cat adapts to its environment and is calm if it shows signs of being nervous, aggressive or fearful.
  • You can even adopt the cat if you feel like it, and have the time and conditions to offer a safe home to the stray cat.
  • Be sure to vaccinate it in such cases.
  • If a sick cat visits you better take it to a vet for treatment.
  • Feral cats can be left alone or you can leave them some food.
  • If they become a nuisance or is a danger, call the local animal shelter.
  • You can also do nothing, if these cats are not a nuisance or a danger!

What not to do

  • Under no circumstance should you harm the animal.
  • If the cat is a danger, call animal control.
  • It is not their fault for being who they are.
  • Living in the wild can be frightening and a struggle for most cats.
  • It is said that one of the main reasons for domestication of cats is because they preferred the company and comforts of humans!
  • Not feeding the cat can stop them from coming to a certain degree.
  • Do not let your cat or dog out to scare the stray.
  • It can end up in a fight or reproducing.
  • Your animals can also be harmed.
  • Having cats around may not be a bad thing all the time.
  • They can solve your rat problems!
  • It also means your home is a safe, warm, cat friendly place.
  • Show some mercy since your place can be the only such place for certain cats.

Cat coming to my house, superstition

  • Cats have been the center of superstitions and myths for centuries.
  • What does it mean when cats hang around your house?
  • The superstitions associated with cats coming to a house are numerous.
  • Let’s take a look at some popular beliefs.
  • Many superstitions are of the theory that cats can sense good energy and visit places they feel peace, serenity and positive vibrations.
  • So accordingly, if a cat enters your home, it is free of bad energy.
  • Some also believe that cats bring good luck to the house they chose to live in.
  • A belief that cats are mystical creatures possessing a sixth sense which allows them to develop supernatural abilities is also prevalent.
  • This ability absorbs and gets rid of bad energy from the environment.
  • It is said that a cat entering a home is due to a mission it has to fulfill. This mission is to remove negativity from the environment to protect you from bad spirits.
  • Although the truth about these myths are debatable, cats and kittens are certainly able to bring happiness and affection to a household due to their adorable ways.
  • Try to be loving and kind to these pets, superstition or not!


What does it mean when cats hang around your houses

Many people have cats hanging around their houses. What does it mean when cats hang around your house ? There are several reasons and also superstitions with regard to this behavior of cats.

Some cats do it out of habit, even though they may have a home. Others might do it because food is available, out of boredom, since they are social, curiosity, because they are sick or lost or have found a new friend.

The main reason is they need a comfortable, safe placewith enough food. Superstition also attributes the presence of cats to positive energy. Some also believe cats bring good luck and fortune.

Better think twice before chasing that stray cat don’t you think? Be kind to these cats and handle the situation professionally if they are a nuisance.

Hope you get along with your new furry friends !

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