What is mackerel tabby cat


Mackerel tabby cat. A tabby cat is a type of domestic cat. It has a significant ‘M’ shaped marking on its forehead. Tabby cats are not a type of cat breed. It is a type of coat pattern present in cats.

Like tabby, there are different coat patterns in cats. They are Solid, Tortoise, Colourpoint, Tricolour and Bi-colour. Among them, tabby coat is the most common coat pattern in every cat breed.

Yet, every tabby cat doesn’t look the same. Tabby coats vary from markings, colours, dots and stripes. Thus, there are different types of tabby coats as well.

What is mackerel tabby cat ?

‘Mackerel’ means striped. It is the most common type of tabby cat you could find. Mackerel tabbies have narrow stripes running through their coats. These narrow stripes curve or break into spots in the latter part of the body. They have white paws and white bibs. The thin stripes form rings on their legs. Like all tabbies, mackerel tabbies have a ‘M’ shape on their foreheads.

They have other names like ‘tiger cats’ and ‘fishbone tabbies’. How do mackerel tabbies differ from other tabby cats? What are deviations in Mackerel tabbies? Let’s find that out.


  1. Classic tabby
  2. Mackerel tabby cat personality
  3. Mackerel tabby orange
  4. Types of tabby cats
  5. Broken mackerel tabby
  6. Mackerel tabby maine coon
  7. Mackerel tabby colours
  8. Blue mackerel tabby
  9. Conclusion

Classic tabby

What is mackerel tabby cat

This is a type of tabby coat pattern you’d find in most cat breeds. Other names for classic tabby are ‘marbled’ or ‘blotched’ tabby. They have thick stripes in their bodies. These stripes look more like circular smudges. These circular smudges together form a bullseye on the tabby’s coat.

The ring shaped bracelets on the classic tabby’s legs are wider than the rings on a mackerel tabby’s legs.

Like all tabby cats, the classic tabbies have a ‘M’ mark on their foreheads. These classic tabbies are the most common tabby cats in United Kingdom and the Middle East.

How does the mackerel tabby and classic tabby different from each other? The mackerel tabby has thin stripes and they travel parallel in its coat. The classic tabby has thick stripes. These stripes look more like blotches. These blotches are not parallel in its body. These blotches have a swirled pattern.

Mackerel tabby cat personality

The mackerel tabby cat descends from the European Wildcat and African Wild-cat. It is the most common type of tabby cat in most parts of the world.

Mackerel tabby cats have unique personalities. They are affectionate and friendly. They tend to be friends even with other animals. These tabbies are extroverts. They are outgoing and adventurous. They love to cud-dle with their cat-parents. They make great pets. It is fun to be around them.

They are loving feline friends. They are intelligent than an average cat. They have the ability to signal their cat-parents whenever they want to. You might find your mackerel tabby pawing at a door. This means they want you to open it.

Also they are observant creatures. They will note down every gesture of their cat-parent. They can also adapt to a routine. Their genius minds will make them predict everything you would do.

Exploring is a part of their personality. They tend to take risks to explore something. They are up for adven-ture. These tabbies are adventure seekers. They find it easy to understand things . Unlike other lazy cats, mackerel tabbies are energetic creatures. So you won’t be seeing your tabby sleeping for almost all day.

Cat-parents should take extra care of their mackerel tabby friends. They tend to take risks than other cats. It is a must to give special attention to kittens and adults just the same.

Yet, some tabby personalities differ from cat to cat. Some mackerel cats might be well reserved and shy while the majority is not. Some mackerel tabbies will love to be the centre of attention. Some mackerel tabby cats overreact to attention. But most cats love to have their cat-parents pet them.

Some believe that the personality of tabby cats vary from their coat patterns. So, a mackerel tabby and classic tabby might have different personalities. These different tabbies might belong to the same breed. But they vary from personality.

Orange and ginger mackerel tabbies tend to be lazy than other mackerel tabbies.

These tabby cats are unique pets. They have an extraordinary personality with friendly vibes. Cat-parents will love their personality.

Mackerel tabby orange

When its comes to mackerel tabbies, orange tabbies stand out from the rest. The orange mackerel tabby is most unique tabby. Orange mackerel tabby cats have the usual marking of a mack-erel tabby. These markings are narrow stripes in a yellowish orange fur coat.

The orange mackerel tabby cat looks impressive. Their orange fur is mixed with white coloured fur. All mackerel orange tabbies are very expressive. They are more vocal than other tabbies. They tend to purr and meow at around their favourite people. They are not shy when expressing moods and feelings. These tabbies are intelligent, sociable and affectionate felines.

Mackerel orange tabbies get more attention from cat-parents. Due to this, they are easy to be around. They get used for cuddling and petting. Their unique orange tabby coat attracts pet-lovers. So these tabbies get more interaction with humans than other common tabbies.

Most mackerel orange tabby cats are male. Rarely, female orange tabbies are born. These orange tabbies are lazier than others. This might lead to obesity. So make your furry friend move their lazy paws. And stop overfeeding them.

But, the personalities of orange mackerel tabbies differ from cat to cat. While the majority is friendly, some can be stubborn. Some might be vocal and others can be quiet.

Types of tabby cats

Tabby is one of the most common coat patterns found in a cat. Their coat patterns have stripes, dots and whorls. Tabby coat pattern is not only limited to one coat pattern. In fact, there are various coat patterns that come under tabby.

There are five types of tabby cats. They are;

  • Classic Tabby
  • Mackerel Tabby
  • Spotted Tabby
  • Patched Tabby
  • Ticked Tabby
  1. Classic tabby

These cats have thick smudged patterns on their coats. The smudged blotches create a ‘marbled’ pattern on its body. American shorthair is an example for a cat breed with classic tabbies.

2. Mackerel tabby

Mackerel tabby cats appear to be cats with tiger-like coats. They have thin stripes of fur running through their spines. Through their faces, mascara lines are visible. Mackerel tabbies are vivid looking. Mackerel tabbies come in various colours like orange, brown and grey. The brown mack-erel tabby is much more common.

3. Spotted tabby

Theses tabbies have spotted coat patterns. Theses spotted marking vary in size and shape. Some spots can be larger than others. Some spots are oval shaped. A series of smaller spots are on their coats. Other than spots of different sizes, there are short stripes. Theses stripes are not continuous. These stripes make them some-what identical to the mackerel tabby cats. Egyptian Mau is the original spotted tabby. Maine coons and Ben-gal cat breeds have spotted tabbies.

4. Patched tabby

‘Tortoiseshell tabby’ is another name for patched tabbies. These tabbies have patches of red, brown and grey over their coats. Their coats are like that of a tortoise shell. Like a tortoise shell, these tabbies have brown and orange patches on their furry coats. Patched tabbies are also called ‘torbies’.

5. Ticked tabby

Ticked tabby is also called ‘Agouti tabby’. These tabbies don’t have any markings on their coats. But they do have some stripes on their legs. The ticked tabby seems solid in colour. But their hairs have a light and dark colouring. Like all tabbies, they have the ‘M’ shape on their foreheads. Abyssinian and Somali are types of cat breeds with Ticked tabbies.

Broken mackerel tabby

Other than the common types of tabby patterns, there are many other sub patterns. And example for a sub pattern is ‘broken mackerel tabby’.

Cats with mackerel tabbies have thin stripes all over their coats. Broken mack-erel tabby is a mixture of mackerel tabby and spotted tabby. Broken mackerel tabbies have broken stripes and longer spots. These stripes are narrow and thin like that of a mackerel tabby. But these stripes are not continuous. They are broken and shorter in size. And they have longer spots than a spotted tabby.

This tabby pattern creates a unique coat pattern. It differs from the custom mackerel and spotted tabby. Thus, broken mackerel tabby is an intermediate coat pattern.

Like broken mackerel tabby coat pattern, there are other intermediate tabby patterns. The rosetted tabby pat-tern is a type of spotted tabby. The bengal cat is famous for cats with different tabby patterns.

Mackerel tabby maine coon

mackerel tabby cat

Maine coon is a cat breed. It is famous as the most domesticated cat breed in the world. Maine coons origin from Maine in United States of America. Maine coons are named ‘gentle cats’ for their gentle nature. Maine coons have long or moderate length fur. Coat colours include chocolate, lavender and brown. The most common type of Maine coons are brown tabbies. Their fur and body is adapted for winters.

Maine coons are affectionate felines. They are independent creatures. They are intelligent and thus easy to train. Maine coons are cautious and loyal. They are friendly with children and even with strangers. They are also very expressive. You will find your Maine coon furry friends meowing and purring at you. Yet, Maine coons are not good lap cats.

Maine coons come in different coat patterns and colours. Among them classic tabby and mackerel tabby is common. There are different types of Maine coon mackerel tabbies. Some are;

  • Brown mackerel tabby
  • Blue mackerel tabby
  • Blue silver mackerel tabby
  • Cream mackerel tabby
  • Cameo mackerel tabby
  • Cream cameo mackerel tabby
  • Red mackerel tabby
  • Silver mackerel tabby
  • Blue patched mackerel tabby
  • Blue silver patched mackerel tabby

Mackerel tabby colors

There are different tabby colors among mackerel tabbies. These colors differ from the colors of their thin stripes and the color of the background fur. The most common mackerel tabby is brown in color.

Most common colors of thin stripes ranges from pitch black to brown. Most common background fur colors range from brown to grey. Some mackerel tabby colors are;

  • Brown Mackerel Tabby with Brown Field

These tabbies have brown colour stripes in brown fur. The stripes are dark brown while the background fur is light brown.

  • Brown Mackerel Tabby with Grey-Brown Field

These tabbies have brown stripes in a greyish brown background fur.

  • Brown Mackerel Tabby with Grey Field

These mackerel tabbies have brown stripes in a background fur of grey.

Yet, there are mackerel tabby coat colours other than brown and grey. They are;

  • Orange mackerel tabby
  • Red mackerel tabby
  • Cream mackerel tabby
  • Blue mackerel tabby
  • Silver mackerel tabby

Blue mackerel tabby

Mackerel tabby cats come in vivid colors. Among them, blue mackerel tabby is a sight to see.

Blue tabbies have grey stripes on a background of light brownish yellow or buff color. Blue mackerel tabbies have thin and narrow grey stripes. These grey stripes run parallel in a background fur of buff color. These tabbies have a grey colored ‘M’ shape on their foreheads of buff color.

Blue mackerel tabbies are common in Siberian cat breed and Persian cat breed.


Mackerel tabby cats are great furry friends. They have extraordinary tabby coats. Yet mackerel tabby is not only limited to one coat pattern. In fact, there are lots of subcategories of mackerel tabby coat.

Mackerel tabby is much common in various cat breeds. These cat breeds include Maine coon, Persian and Siberian.

Mackerel tabbies are no ordinary cat. They are above average in everything.

If you are looking for a playmate, a mackerel cat is the best playmate. Adopting a mackerel tabby cat will make your world full of adventure and fun. These felines are very loving. You won’t be worrying about being alone and sad. Because your mackerel tabby will always make you distracted from your worries.

Yet, make sure your cat gets plenty of exercise. Always keep them indoors. Give them proper diet. Play with them. Give them an adventure to make them happy. And don’t forget to consult a vet for regular checkups.

Make sure their life is as adventurous as they are.

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